‘Pete Wants Her To Fly To New York On A Moment’s Notice’: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Left Pete Davidson Because His Impulsiveness Made Kanye Look Like Dr. Phil

Pete Davidson and the Kardashian have broken up after 9 months of dating each other. Even though their relationship seemed to be something that would last longer, we finally have a reason behind the breakup. During the time spent in the relationship with one another, the comedian even managed to get himself inked four times to represent the time he’s spent together with the Kardashian and her kids. It was not long that Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s previous ex got news of the breakup and instantly made fun of Pete Davidson on Twitter for his abrupt breakup. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian’s reason for the breakup was recently revealed by a source.

The internet’s take on the breakup

Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian Animated Times
Pete Davidson (left) with Kim Kardashian (right) at the 2022 Met Gala Event

Ever since the breakup was announced publicly, Kanye West was not the only one who made light of the situation in an insensitive manner. The majority of the internet was also participating in making fun of the comedian. Ironically, Pete Davidson became the joke rather than the jokester for this relationship as many have even photoshopped the comedian to be completely ridiculous. Even though the former couple is frequently in the news, they are more concerned with their career. However, that did not stop the internet from making fun of the actor by tweeting their comments and saying that he would probably break up with Kim Kardashian and start looking for another girlfriend soon. His altered portraits of numerous celebrities, including fictional ones, have been circulated online.

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Pete Davidson and his impulse decision tattoos

Pete Davidson's tattoo for Kim Kardashian
Pete Davidson’s tattoo for Kim Kardashian

The comedian made an impulsive choice to get four tattoos as a result of his most recent engagement with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Some of them include words that were once memories, like “Jasmine and Aladdin,” which alludes to the ex-first couple’s kiss on the well-known Saturday Night Live program in 2021. Even Pete Davidson has one with the letters “KNSCP” for his ex-girlfriend and her children. He even got a tattoo when the Kardashian passed the first-year law students’ examination around his collarbone saying “My Girl Is A Lawyer”.

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The reason behind Kim Kardashian leaving the comedian

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

The insider acknowledged Kim Kardashian was “exhausted” by the former Saturday Night Live star’s unreasonable demands in an exclusive interview with Page Six. “Pete [Davidson] is 28 and Kim [Kardashian] is 41 — they are just in very different places at the moment.”

“Pete [Davidson] is totally spontaneous and impulsive and wants her to fly to New York, or wherever he is on a moment’s notice, but Kim [Kardashian] has four kids and it isn’t that easy. She needs to focus on the kids.”

As one can put it simply, the Kardashian got “totally exhausted by this relationship and other things going on in her life”. Even after the breakup, the comedian and the Kardashian are still on good terms with each other. Pete Davidson is shown to be slightly impulsive with his decisions, his tattoos being the latest example, however, the comedian still has more on his plate to distract himself for the time being.

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Source: Geo News

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