Photographer Captures Northern Lights Shaped Like Phoenix

As a child, the phoenix bird always fascinated me. The most common tattoo for the 90s people is Phoneix.

Phoneix is an ancient bird that rejuvenates from the ashes of the dead. The phoenix bird had an ancestral relation with the sun and fire.

It is a symbol of renewal and leadership. According to mythological texts, several times, the medieval people had encountered Phoneix in one way or the other. Today’s modern era is not very prone to these types of thoughts and beliefs.

Recently, Hallgrimur Helgason, a famous Icelandic painter, shared a picture that he took way back in the winters of 2016.

He said that he took the picture in Northern Lights which is precisely shaped as Phoneix ( Aurora Borealis) he named the film “Rising Phoneix” and it is one of his favorite pictures.

In an interview with The Press and Journal, he mentioned, “Sometimes the Lights put on a spectacular show, but unfortunately, images like that don’t last long.”

“I was shooting another direction when this phenomenon appeared at the corner of my eye. Of course, I quickly repositioned the camera and made three shots to get it all.”

According to him, the picture lasted close to 60 seconds, and then gradually, it started to disappear. He took the photo in a Sony camera.

Hallgrimur Helgason never uses a flash while doing photography. He prefers to take the photo away from the city limelight without much pollution and in a very peaceful environment in the Northern Lights.

It must be quite thrilling and exciting for him while taking the photo. The flying colors in the skies are slowly evaporating into it. It would be a banquet for his eyes!

The eternal peace of those 60 seconds is at par with any happiness in the Universe. He even said while clicking the picture of Aurora Borealis; he got an Adrenaline Rush.

Everyone does not have this type of Luck. Helgason was quite fortunate to get this chance. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Soumya sahu
Soumya sahu

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