Pique Brutally Booed by Shakira Fans in Barcelona Game for Ending ‘Sacred’ 12 Year Relationship With Appalling Cheating Scandal

Ever since Gerard Pique and Shakira parted ways, the internet has been wondering about the cause of their breakup. The couple had been together for more than a decade, so naturally, their breakup wasn’t something pleasant. However, there have been several reports that it was Pique’s unfaithful behavior that caused the two to break up. Now, the fans are expressing their anger towards the FC Barcelona player for hurting Shakira.

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Gerard Pique Was Mercilessly Booed Throughout the Match

Shakira and Pique recently broke up
Shakira and Pique recently broke up

The Soccer Champions Tour 2022 turned out to be a bad experience for the football player since fans yelled the Latina singer’s name during the entire game.


The fans also booed him every time he hit the ball.

Such an incident would have likely affected the player’s performance.

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Gerard Pique Unbothered by Fans Yelling Shakira’s Name

Jordi Alba
Jordi Alba

However, it seems like the player wasn’t bothered with the fans’ yells at all since his teammate Jordi Alba stated,

“I don’t know what the whistles are about. It’s true that we heard it, but I don’t think he’s too worried about it either. We know him.”

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Jordi Alba says Gerard Pique’s Motivation Increases When Booed

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

Moreover, Jordi Alba also revealed that the football player is used to criticism, and it doesn’t affect his performance negatively.

“I think he is much more motivated when he is whistled than when he is applauded… He has been getting whistled at and booed for a long time, but I don’t think he is going to lose his sleep over it.” 

There is no knowing whether Pique actually cheated or not, but Shakira did hint at the singer’s unfaithfulness in her latest song with Te Felicito with Rauw Alejandro. Despite the singer’s statement, it would be good if the fans realize the need to keep the player’s personal and private life separate.


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