Pique Moving to $4.8M Barcelona Apartment Post Shakira Split, Fans Cry ‘No Need to Flex’

Gerard Pique and Shakira had been together for twelve years before they announced their split last week. The two met on the set of the “Waka Waka” music video shoot, and have two children together, Milan and Sasha. In the aftermath of the breakup, Pique is reportedly moving to a lavish apartment to spend his days without Shakira.

Gerard Pique and Shakira confirm breakup rumours

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira

Announcing their breakup via a brief message, the two asked the fans to respect their privacy since there were reports that the duo had split because Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira. However, other sources claimed that the two were in an open relationship.

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the welfare of our children, who are our top priority, we ask for respect for privacy. Thank you for your understanding” the statement read, indicating no evidence of the claim that Pique was unfaithful.

Gerard Pique moving to a lavish apartment

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

Pique’s apartment, located on Muntaner street, is on the sixth floor of one of the most lavish buildings in the centre of Barcelona. The apartment has three floors, several rooms, a terrace and a swimming pool.  According to Vanity Fair, the apartment which is frequently visited by celebrities such as Cesc Fábregas and Daniella Seemann has an approximate value of 4.8 million dollars. Even though the apartment was bought by Pique more than a decade ago, he seems to be looking forward to moving back in to enjoy his bachelor life.

Newly single Shakira followed Henry Cavill on Instagram

Shakira at the red carpet of Cannes 2022

It is not just Pique who is moving on to better things, Shakira too seems to be looking forward to enjoying her single life. She recently followed Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel, on Instagram and he followed her back too. This sent fans into a frenzy despite the fact that Henry Cavil is already in a relationship with Natalie Viscuso. Needless to say, fans seem to be on the singer’s side and are eagerly looking forward to who Shakira decides to pursue post her breakup. They are also keen to know how the split will impact the singer’s music.

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