Pique’s Homewrecker Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti’s Alleged Pre-Glow Up Pic Surfaces Online, Convincing Fans Pique Settled for a Plastic Surgery Queen Over Shakira

The cyber war and battle over diss-tracks have been going on for a long. Ever since the news of Gerard Piqué cheating on Shakira with an extremely young woman in her 20s became viral, fans and netizens have been digging up information about all the parties involved. Although Clara Chia Marti, Piqué’s girlfriend, has been enjoying her fame amid the chaos, she is also being dragged to the dirt for wrecking a relationship. 

Clara Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti’s old photos are resurfacing

Clara Chia Marti has become one of the infamous faces of Spain, ever since her romantic involvement with Piqué. However, recently her alleged pre-glow-up pictures are going viral after a Piqué and Marti fan posted Marti’s 2020 image with an intention of showing her innocence. 

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Clara Chia Marti’s Alleged Pre-Glow-Up Picture

Gerard Piqué cheating on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti helped the 23-year-old model gain fame and be among the renowned faces of Spain. Although Marti has been trying to maintain her privacy since the very beginning, her association with Shakira and Piqué dragged her to the limelight. Following the movement started online, in support of either of the two parties, fans and haters have been flooding the internet with images and the whereabouts of the trio. 

Clara Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti’s pre-glow-up look shocks fans

Recently a fan of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti posted an image on Twitter claiming it to be the model, during her 2020 virtual classes. An alleged photo shared by @ClaGerFans, with the caption, “The smile and the look of a super cute and studious girl Clara Chia in a virtual classroom, in the middle of a global pandemic, May 2020,” is making people lose their minds. 

Although there is no official declaration of whether the alleged image is actually of the model, people have already started pointing out the clear difference. Based on the supposed pre-glow-up photo, netizens have been slamming Gerard Piqué for cheating on the ever-gorgeous Shakira with surgically transformed Marti. 

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Fans React To Clara Chia Marti’s Transformation 

Clara Chia Marti reportedly deactivated all her social media accounts a long time back. Therefore, the photo shared by the fan account lacks veracity based on no official information or declaration. Despite Marti closing all her social platforms, with the hope of enjoying privacy, fans, and haters seem to miraculously dig up years and decades-old images and posts of the celebrities. 

Gerard Piqué
Gerard Piqué slammed by fans on Twitter

After the alleged 2020 image of the model surfaced, which was taken prior to her cosmetic surgeries, people started slamming Gerard Piqué. The former footballer’s choice has been questioned, comparing the external beauty of his ex and present girlfriend. Marti’s transformation within a few years shocks people on the internet. 

Few fans have taken the sarcastic tone, seeking God’s help to understand why Piqué choose someone like Marti over the successful hitmaker, Shakira. 

While others seem to simply point out the visible distinction between the pre and post-glow-up images of Clara Chia Marti. 

After Shakira and Piqué decided to split breaking their 11-year-old relationship, the media and netizens have gripped the story and trying to figure out the reason. In the effort, people seem to dig up posts and images of the involved parties out of nowhere. Despite Marti’s Instagram account being private, fans have clearly found a way to her posts. 

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