Pixar has been existing in the industry for over 40 odd years and they have emerged as a clear winner and best in the business and that too even before they were acquired by the Walt Disney.
Pixar has been working on some great projects and impressing the audience with some groundbreaking animated shorts since the late 80’s.
These mini stories have now become the most anticipated part of the experience of watching a new feature film of the studio.
Pixar’s style of animation has set a standard for the millennium world and everyone else has been made to catch up. Pixar has come up with many loved and successful feature films like Toy Story films, Cars etc; but they are also known for their short films.
Keep reading to know the best ten short films ever by Pixar.


10.  Boundin’




This short film was paired with the release of the 2003 super hit The Incredibles.
This Pixar short film is one of the most bizarrely illustrated story but it is a strange moral story as well.
It is a story of a sheep who after being sheared losing the confidence to dance. Just when he has totally given up, a mythical jackalope ; rabbit with horns arrives and teaches him on how to bound instead of dancing thus helping him regain his talent and confidence.
It was an innovative way to give the moral and important message of persistence and perseverance beautifully paired with animals. It is a fable tale with a true moral end.



9. Tin Toy




Tin Toy was one of the first short films produced in 1988. It was released to a larger audience quite later.
The story is about a tin man band toy named tinny and his life as a toy for an over enthusiastic little baby. At the beginning of the 5 minute film, Tinny tries to avoid the wrath of the baby only to realize at the end that both are important to each other.
The uncanny animation of the baby makes the short difficult to re watch.
The film did set some groundwork for the idea of the best animated franchise ever aka Toy Story.
Tin Toy was the first CGI short film to win an Oscar.
Even though Tin Toy is quite old, it remains the best of short films till today.



8. Knick Knack




Knick Knack was theatrically realized along with Finding Nemo movie in 2003.
Knick Knack is story about Knick; a snowman who lives in a snowglobe in a shelf. Despite of being stuck in the snowglobe home, it does not stop him from admiring the world outside the glob especially another knick knack who is a beautiful blonde girl.
Thus starts his struggle for his desperate escape in order to hang out with other knick knacks.
He tries his best to do everything in order to meet the girl of his dreams.
This might not be Pixar’s most meaning short film but it could be one of the funniest and unique of them all


7. Luxo Jr.



This as one of the most groundbreaking animation from the 1986 and it was the first animated film ever nominated for an Oscar.
It is definitely a “short” film and it is one of the most influential shorts produced by Pixar from a corporate branding perspective.
The short story is about the large desk lamp ; Luxo Sr. watching Luxo Jr; a smaller desk lam runs around playing with rubber balls and hopping on them until the ball deflates.
Luxo Jr. would be familiar with all Pixar fans as that is the same lamp that jumps up and down on the letter “I” in the Pixar logo.




6. Lava




This a musical short film which shows an amazing scenery of ocean life.
It was theatrically released with the Pixar film Inside Out. Lava is the life of a volcano that is living all alone in the middle of the sea and he craves for a life partner.
He sings the song of his dream for over thousands of years hoping to grow old with the love of  his life.
This is a downright cheesy, cliché and romantic story of two volcanoes falling in love.
It turns emotional but it makes another unique short of the Pixar studio.



5.  Lou




Lou was theatrically released alongside Cars 3 in 2013. This story is beautifully written about a bully. A toy stealing bully ruins recess for a playground full of kids and only thing that stands in his way is the “Lost and Found” box.
It is a crushingly sweet tale of how the items in the “lost and found” box come together to form a creature which ends up teaching a schoolyard bull a very important life lesson.
According to the creators, bullies are also usually also acting out because they are awkward or don’t have moral compass and act times they feel invisible too and act out to gain attention.
Lou is full of clever surprises, beautiful animation and has a deep moral message.




4. Bao




Bao was released in the theatres in 2018 with The Incredibles 2.
It is a first Pixar short film written and directed by a woman. It is an adorable short film about a mother and a dumpling son from childhood to adulthood. The son becomes more independent and leaves his house. It is revealed as a dream but still reflecting the real life incidents. It has a touching and emotional ends when he has a tearful reunite with her son. It is one of the best short films.


3. Geri’s Game



This movie shows the “slice of life” in a classic Pixar way. The short film; Geri’s Game is quite a touching one which was made in 1997 but released in theatres in 1998 with A Bug’s Life.
It revolves around life of Geri who is a funny, sweet and yet lonely man who just spends his day playing chess at the park, He is a genius and passionate about winning every game against any opponent.
But what makes the short film so wonderfully touching is the fact that is revealed at the end; there was never an opponent. He had been playing all by himself on both the sides of the board. Beating himself and losing himself at the same time.



2.  For The Birds




The Birds was released in 2000 but premiered theatrically right before the feature film Monsters Inc. in 2001.
It is a perfect karmic tale of birds bullying birds. It shows a large bird who wants to be friends with small birds; but the small birds are extremely mean to him. The smaller birds start harassing him until the large bird falls down due to the weight and sends the smaller birds up in the air and they come down all featherless. It has clever cuts between the scenes making it one of the best from Pixar.


1.  Piper



Piper was released in 2016 alongside Finding Dory. Piper is a baby sandpiper bird who explores the beach where her family lives on. She is scared of waves and becomes friends with crabs. Soon she starts falling in love with the nature. It is a short film full of moral layers  of good parenting, overcoming fears and setbacks and leaning all this from the creatures on this planet.
According to us Piper deserves the number 1 spot.

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