PlayStation Unveils PS5 Development Kit’s First Look

The first photo of Sony’s Next Generation PlayStation 5 Development Kit has just leaked. The designer concepts had surfaced online earlier this year. It seems the recent photos just confirm the development kit design. There are rumours for various concepts for the PS5 Developer Kit. But now the PS5 Devkit has been finally confirmed with the leaked images.

Developer’s Kit Constituency

Developer's Kit Constituency
The First Look of PS5 DevKit.

The first real image of the PS5 development kit shows that the reported rumours have been true. The DevKit consists of a V-shaped design. It is a cool version of the Playstation Developer’s kit. The V design is also much better for keeping the high-end internals cool. This turns out to be the “Prototype 1” and is “Not For Sale”. Though one can imagine how much this thing would go for on eBay? The DevKit also consists of On/Standby, Reset, Eject, System Init, and Network Init buttons on the front. Although, one shouldn’t expect the System Init and Network Init buttons on PS5. On the right, there are a bunch of USB ports, too. Sony will be launching the PlayStation 5 in December 2020, but before that Sony will release details on PS5 next February.

ZoneofTech Video Details

According to the ZONEofTECH video, the PS5 devkit image was sent to the company’s founder, Daniel Rotar. This is obviously not a final product from Sony. The development kits often look completely different from the end product. However, the “V” design will still feature on the finished PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 development kit features numerous USB ports that look like an integrated camera. The PlayStation 3 had PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation 4 had PlayStation Camera, so it doesn’t seem to be too much of a stretch to believe that Sony has included a camera with the next-gen PS5, especially in regard to enhancing VR gameplay.

Source: Comicbook, NotebookCheck

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