The new Pokemon series has proven to be quite the topic of interest, shaping itself in a way that is almost unexpected from the series so far. Following a similar tone as to that of the Pokemon Sun and Moon’s anime, the latest Pokemon series revolves around Ash and another new protagonist named Go.

The storyline around Ash and Go

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With Go’s companionship, Ash is able to be more relaxed with catching Pokemons

Ash and Go travel across several different regions throughout the Pokemon franchise, which is very unlike the traditional storyline of just focusing on the region of Galar. With Go in the picture, it seems that the audience is now witnessing a more relaxed, laid-back Ash when it comes to Pokemon catching. The current version of Ash in the new series, as expected, only has his Pikachu by his side.

Tweet From Official Pokemon Account Reveals Ash’s New Catch

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Ash and Pokemon’s journey started when Ash received Pikachu as his first Pokemon when he started his journey as a Pokemon trainer

However, it seems as if Ash might have caught a rather unexpected Pokemon off-screen. This information was revealed by the series’ official Twitter account, so there is really a lot to be looking forward to. The tweet from the official Twitter account goes as follows:

Mr. Mime Added To Ash’s Team

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Mr. Mime is a psychic/fairy Pokemon with the ability to solidify air molecules

Recently, Ash has been using Mr. Mime for his battles during the Battle Frontier tournament. However, it seems that the Pokemon wished to tag along with Ash, resulting in Mr. Mime officially being added to his team. In addition to that, Ash has pretty much proven to be an expert trainer who can show the best abilities of any Pokemon during the battles. Pokemon: The Series airs new episodes every week in Japan, unfortunately, for the non-Japanese audience, the series is still not officially licensed with an English language release yet. 

Source: Comicbook, CBR

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