The COVID-19 Pandemic has crashed many of our travel goals for 2020. And we are here to torture you some more with these amazing Pokémon concept arts.

If you have the travel bug, we would suggest you hold onto your box of tissues.

Typhlosion Takes a Nap

A fire type Pokémon, Typhlosions are known to be very grumpy and extremely violent. If not tamed, wild Typhlosions can create a lot of havoc for unsuspecting travelers.

They are powerful Pokémon with a penchant for using the fire generated on the back of its neck for attacking as well as hiding itself.

Typhlosions are very rare and are generally not seen in the wild. They tend to stick to grasslands.

That is why seeing a wild Typhlosion in the middle of a rocky canyon let alone seeing it let itself used as a pillow by its trainer is such a pleasant sight.

This makes us sleepy. Can we go now? We need a Typhlosion pillow, please!!

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Blastoise Fishing Boat

Blastoise Pokemon Art

Fishing is some of our favorite pastimes. It takes patience and commitment to learning the art of fishing.

You need to have the skill as well as the dedication to learn it. It builds the ability to calm one’s nerves and helps in retrospection and self-reflection of one’s actions.

But what about fishing along with your Pokémon for a change?!?! In the picture, we see Blastoise chilling on the water surface while his trainer uses this body as his personal fishing boat, biding his time and waiting for a good old Magikarp to get caught in the hook.

We are not going to lie. We kind of envy the guy in the picture.

Swampert Guides You Through a Swamp

Swampert is Mud Fish Type Pokémon. It evolves from Marshtomp and is the final evolved version of Mudkip. Having four limps and a large cobalt blue body, Swampert is a very popular water-type Pokémon.

It is generally found in inhabiting regions near swampy areas. In the fan art, we see Swampert and his Pokémon trainer take a look at a pond in a random swamp.

What makes this picture even more fascinating is that the Swampert looks worried. It is concerned its master might fall off the edge of the pond and into the water or get lost in the marsh. That is so sweet.

This is one Swampert we would all like to adopt.

Sceptile Looks over the Horizon

Sceptile is a Grass Type Pokémon. It has razor-sharp leaf blades all around its body and can move extremely stealthily through a thick forest cover to attack its prey.

The final form of the popular leaf type Pokémon Treecko, Sceptile was introduced in Generation III of the Pokémon Series.

In the picture we see Sceptile and his trainer atop a high ground, scanning the terrain below and looking over the horizon. This reminds us of the many times we trekked and went over a hill to just have one look at that perfect view of sunrise from the perfect angle.

If you are a trekker, you know what we mean. That view is the closest we get to heaven. This picture sums it up perfectly why it is so.

Feraligatr is There For You

Totodile was introduced as a playful water-type Pokémon with amphibian features. Totodile’s final evolved form is Feraligatr, a bulky Aligator with blue scales and two Mohawks that run down his spine.

Feraligatrs are very powerful and are known to crumble a boulder with a single punch. But they are gentle giants and can detect the slightest changes in human emotion.

The person in the picture is probably sad or upset over something she is contemplating. The Feraligatr knows it cannot do anything but decides to just be there for her, patting her on the back and letting her know she is not alone.

Okay just one minute, let us get a few tissues it is way too dusty out here.

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Blaziken Running Wild

Blaziken is a fan-favorite dual-type Pokémon introduced very early in the series. It is a fire type as well as a fighting type. A bipedal creature, Blaziken’s body is covered in the colors of beige, yellow, and grey.

Hair like feathers can be found on the back of its head. It has a small red face with a V shaped head. Not the prettiest Pokémon we would say considering it resembles a chicken from many angles.

But in the picture, there is nothing as prettier as a happy, running wild Blaziken that just wants to jump around the dry grass field, with no care or concern.

Although letting a fire type Pokémon run into a dry grass field does sound like a very risky move!

Meganium Forest Safari

Known as the Herb Pokémon, Meganium has various special abilities that make her one of the most precious grass type Pokémons to ever exist.

Meganium’s breath can revive dead plants and shrubs. Her petals release a scent that can calm aggressive emotions and prevent temper and anger from taking over someone’s mind.

It is literally the most Zen Pokémon we have ever seen. And if we could get a chance to go on a long peaceful walk with Meganium as a company and her calming petal scent and soothing breath, we would take it in a heartbeat.

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Charizard Joyride and Lugia Flyby

Lugia, according to the Pokedex, is termed as the Guardian of the Sea. It is characterized as a Diving Pokémon.

It is also a Flying Type that has a massive wingspan and a huge size. Lugia is an ancient legendary Pokémon whose power is so great it can level continents.

We generally have not seen Lugia as much in the series. It has only appeared mostly in the Pokémon movies. Imagine if you had a flying type Pokémon that could take you to the skies and let you have a look at the majestic Lugia.

The rising sun and the glistening clouds would only make you want to do this more often.

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