Pokèmon Day Event Is Now Live!

It’s Pokèmon Day! 27 February is the anniversary of the Pokèmon series’ debut in Japan. To celebrate, Pokèmon Go has decided to kick off the festivities a little early with a brand new event. The Pokèmon Day celebration is Now Live! Niantic’s popular mobile game is bringing back party hat-wearing Pokèmons and more.

What is Pokèmon Day?

Pokèmon Day
Pokèmon Day

Pokèmon Day is an annual celebration globally centred on the cute anime monster property called ‘Pokèmon’. The event’s tradition began recently, by celebrating the day by releasing the original versions of the Pokèmon game, Pokèmon Red and Green, in Japan. With each passing year, this celebration gets even more extravagant, all thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the game, the show, the trading card game, and the toys of all sorts.

The Event

Pokèmon Day
Pokèmon Day

Hat Wearing Pokèmons

You’ll be able to find party hat-wearing Pokèmons throughout the event. The hat-wearing Pokèmon versions are available of Pikachu and Eevee that can be found open in the wild. Also, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle can be hatched in their hat-wearing versions from 7 km eggs or encounter them in one-star Raids. Moreover, there’s also a chance any of these Pokèmon could be Shiny.

Cloned Pokèmons

Moreover, Armored Mewtwo has also returned to Pokèmon Go and to accompany him, have come several Clone Pokèmons. Cloned versions of Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard, are all appearing in 4-Star raids. Also, know that their Community Day moves are making them even more potent than the usual.

Armored Mewtwo has now emerged as the 5-Star Raid Boss. In addition to this, with their new moves Psystrike, and Clone Pikachu will occasionally also appear as a Photobomb Pokèmon.

Final Words

Pokèmon Day
Pokèmon Day

Feeling excited? That’s not even all yet! There are numerous festive planned which will take place officially on 27th February. So, get ready for some more action by Pokèmon Go.

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