‘Pokemon Go’ May Be Compatible With ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’

A latest Pokemon Go day amine has leaked a connection to the forthcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games. Previously this week, the famous data miner Chrales posted a findings summary from a recent update of Pokemon Go. While much of attention went to the new items which could have triggered the evolution of Eevee into new forms that’s not in the game currently, while there’s also a line regarding “koala_settings”. Feel players speculate this may be a reference to Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Pokemon to enable connectivity between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon GO
‘Pokemon GO’ May Be Compatible With ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’

This is because Game Freak gives code names to the Pokemon games at times. For example, Pokemon: Let’s Go was called “beluga” and there are many lines of foes in the reference of Pokemon that give a reference to the “beluga” connectivity.

Pokemon Go went through major success tying into Pokemon: Let’s Go this summer and it does make sense that the Company would love to make connectivity between Pokemon Go and other Pokemon games. Players will be enabled to transfer Pokemon from all main series game back to mobile game. Additionally, players will have a “Mystery Box” to unlock in Pokemon Go where they transferred Pokemon Go to Pokemon Go: Let’s Go which shall allow players to catch mythical Pokemon Melton for sometime.

Players may get a mythical Pokemon

Pokemon GO to get upgrades
Pokemon GO to get upgrades

The capture of Meltan in Pokemon Go and later getting it to Let’s Go is the only way to obtain the mythical Pokemon in the main series game. Meltan can be evolved to Melmetal by players and thereby transfer it to Pokemon: Let’s Go.

All of this is mere speculations but this is the first bit of news about Pokemon Sword and Shield that we have seen since the announcement of game in 2019.

Here is the legendary trailer of Pokemon Go:

Source: Comicbook, Nintendo Life

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