Popular TV Shows That Fizzled Out Faster Than Chris Rock’s Joke At The Oscars

The biggest highlight of Oscars 2022 is a no-brainer. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over a joke took the internet by storm. It took us all a minute to gulp the fact that it happened! The moment got viral in the form of memes. The audience is divided on the matter. But one thing we all agree upon is that there are a few TV shows that we all thought would be incredibly hit but fizzled out faster than Chris Rock’s joke at the Oscars.

TV shows are something we connect to very easily, isn’t it? We get emotionally attached to the characters and the storylines. They make us excited. But what happens when your favorite TV show starts getting disappointing. In many instances, TV shows have the record of derailing from the storyline, characters not developing, scripts getting shabbier, and whatnot. Check the list out for more!

1. Dexter Started Well But Messed Up During The 8th Season

Popular TV Shows That Fizzled Out
TV Show: Dexter

It is a popular opinion (and we know why) that the sitcom Dexter was doing good. However, the 8th season messed it up bad. Real bad. The sitcom had started picking it up. However, they lost track in between. Fortunately, they got back on track with season 7. However, with season 8 they started slipping away again. All of us were hoping to see some good character developments and arc, but what did we get? It’s right there, in front of you! We get Dex becoming a lumberjack.

2. True Blood Was Going Great Until Things Started To Take A U-Turn

TV shows that had a lot of hype but fizzled out
TV Show: True Blood

For the record, the first few seasons of this series were genuinely good. The drama series is about Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin). She has the power to read people’s minds. Things were going great in her life until the vampires in her area revealed their true identities. The plot sounds good, but gradually things started to take a turn for the worse. The hype was soon killed.

3. Game Of Thrones Started Going Off The Rail

Awesome TV shows that had terrible endings and fizzled out
TV Show: Game of Thrones

Again, in the 8th season, the series started going off track and lost its charm. Game of Thrones is considered to be one sitcom that took its good time to introduce the characters and set the storylines. But, it lost track after the 7th season. GoT fans invested so much of their time in this series, but the finale looked as if it was rushed, AND nonsensical.

4. How I Met Your Mother Ruined The Ending

TV shows that were promising but fizzled out
TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

This is one sitcom that became enormously popular. However, towards the end, it ruined everything. Everything. HIMYM fans will agree that the finale ruined the whole vibe of the series. We have no idea what made the makers think that the audience was still interested in the Ted-Robin romance. Entertaining the fans for years, the show disappointed the fans with its finale.

5. Lost Created A Lot Of Hype Only To Die Out Towards The 4th Season

TV shows that lost its charm toward the end
TV Show: Lost

When it first aired on TV, the audience was excited as it was a promising show. Lost had a fresh vibe to it and was soon loved by fans for its storyline and characters. However, by the time it came to its 4th season, things stopped making sense. Out of love, fans convinced themselves that there was more to the show. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

6. Two And A Half Men Used To Be One Of The Best Rated Comedy Sitcom. Used To Be!

Great TV shows that started good, but ended terribly
TV Show: Two And A Half Men

The world is aware of how fantastic this show was. Everything about it was great. The characters, plot, storyline, dialogues, everything. However, things started to make a U-turn for the show when the lead, Charlie Sheen fell into the trap of substance abuse. This was not it. He also had a feud with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre. All this made many headlines and affected the show. Charlie’s character was killed off but later it was revealed that he was alive. All of us thought we would get to see him on-screen last time, but that didn’t happen. What happened instead was, we get to see Chuck sitting on the director’s chair, smiling and saying “winning!” after a piano falls on Charlie. (well we all know what this meant and how smartly Chuck made the last episode all about himself!)

7. Chuck Finale Left The Fans Infuriated

Hyped up TV shows that fizzled out
TV Show: Chuck

The entire show was based on lead characters Chuck and Sarah’s blooming romance. Let’s not lie, we loved watching it. The show was loved by fans because of its spy-comedy nature and plot. However, the finale disappointed the fans to the extent that they were enraged. We see that Sarah loses her memory and cannot recall a thing about what was blossoming between her and Chuck (something on which the series was almost based). The ending felt as if it was incomplete and directionless. We all thought the makers would reverse this, but we were wrong. This made their future look uncertain.

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