Possible Return of Jon Bernthal To Marvel Studios 

It seems Castle’s tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come and gone. However, while viewers are still clamoring for more vigilante justice to be delivered. Star Jon Bernthal knows that he’s unlikely to wear the mask for new episodes of The Punisher . But that doesn’t suggest he’s abandoned hope for the future. He’s still hanging on to the idea that he’ll return to new projects for Marvel Studios. 


Although it may seem impossible.Especially now that the business is taken over by Kevin Feige and Jeph Loeb. Director of Marvel Television is on his way out from the gates, Bernthal not lost.

The Statement

The actor spoke recently to Entertainment Weekly. He discussed a possible return to The Punisher’s role in a Disney+ project, but he stated that the character and fans want him to do their job correctly.

Punisher actor Jon Bernthal

The Movie Project

“For me, with Frank, it’s not whether we do it again or not, or whether I play him again or not, it’s about doing it right,” Bernthal explained. “I care so much about getting him right, and that’s kind of where it begins and ends with me. I  want to give the folks whom he means so much to the Frank Castle that they deserve. That’s sort of where I’m at with it. I love Frank. I always have, I always will.” There are rumblings of Marvel Studios possibly reviving some of the Netflix characters for new projects, though the biggest rumors thus far are pointing toward Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, respectively. 


As for the Punisher, it seems to be out-of-the-boxes for now on a Disney+ show or otherwise.

But that doesn’t imply that Bernthal gives up on the castle of Frank, as he said before that the role always will be with him.


The Return of Jon Bernthal

“Frank Castle is in my bones and my soul 100 percent,” said Bernthal. “Over the years, the image of the police force and the military community have resonated with the viewer in comic books, and I’m very thankful for being part of that. I have been very fond of buying Frank Castle, the location he’s in, and the road he’s on. He will always have a place in my heart, and I will still hold him, and this venture safe.

Source- comicbook, flipboard

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