Powerpuff Girls: 3 Villains Who Rocked (And 3 Who Didn’t)

Cartoon Network has had some amazing shows at their peak (now the standards have dropped), but one that always remained close to all of us is The Powerpuff Girls. The show is one of the best classics produced by the channel and will probably never get old.

The Powerpuff Girls has fans of all ages and we know there are many factors that explain the same. The success of the show also led to the series getting a reboot in 2016, which also lasted a number of years before coming to a close. But a major reason for the show’s success goes to the villains. There are been a few who have been amazing but then there are some who didn’t have much potential.


1. Rocked – Him

He already looks like an evil personified and has been confirmed to be a demon, Him probably scared every kid who has watched the Powerpuff Girls series. His debut was the episode where he had possessed Bubbles’ toy Octi, and hands down were one of the scariest episodes in a children’s cartoon.

Him has various abilities such as mind control, super strength, shapeshifting, telekinesis, and reality-wrapping. He has such amazing powers that the girls couldn’t even dream of and he shrugs off their strength when they use against him. And Him is a big threat for the girls for sure. Also, he is so cool.


2. Didn’t – The Amoeba Boys

These three are so clumsy that they can’t really be considered villains technically. But that is not really fair since there was this one incident where they did prove to be effective as villains. In one episode, they infected the entire population of Townsville with a virus, which made them the bad guys in everyone’s eyes.

But when it comes to the bigger schemes, the trio is treated as a joke. When they have “tried” to fight the girls, it didn’t really end well for them. But it is not easy to attack the residents of Townsville so they do deserve some appreciation for the same. But they are just disappointing.


3. Rocked – Mojo Jojo


Mojo Jojo, the arch-enemy of Powerpuff Girls is one of the most iconic villains not in the series, but in cartoon series in general and possibly one of the all-time favorite characters from The Powerpuff Girls as well. Mojo Jojo is a genius and his intellect has allowed him to craft any weapon he wants to.

He is also a master manipulator and he has proven the same with girls and Professor Utonium. He also plans for domination and if he didn’t let his ego come in the way, he might have actually beaten the girls.


4. Didn’t – Lenny Baxter

Lenny Baxter just had an extreme craze for the Powerpuff Girls but this adoration crossed the healthy levels and became so obsessed that he ended up trapping the girls and storing them in his collection too.

He was just a mortal man and doesn’t have any magic or any powers but he was successful in capturing all the girls and needed Professor Utonium to save them. But that’s all there is about him so not much of a “villain”, just an obsession that went crazy.


5. Rocked – The Rowdyruff Boys

The Rowdyruff Boys were almost the male equivalents of the girls, and they could never be beaten in a physical fight so the girls had to take advantage of their stupidity. The boys have the same power as the girls and moreover, they had killer instincts which made them go all out.

Their personalities are quite similar to the Powerpuff Girls, but more of a deadlier version. They could have easily beaten the Girls had they not been so stupid.

6. Didn’t –  Boogie Man

This villain was a disco version of the classic boogeyman trope and his standard abilities of a monster. But his impressive ability was that he could control the other monsters.

The Boogie Man had girls fear the dark and they had to come over that to defeat him. Didn’t prove to be that substantial in the long run though.

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