Predator: Hunting Grounds; Everything new about this game.

Predator: Hunting Grounds
Predator: Hunting Grounds

The upcoming Asymmetric co-op Combat game Predator: Hunting Grounds is all set to rock from April 24, 2020. This multiplayer shooting game was a much-awaited video game in the Predator franchise. Taking place in a third-person perspective, the Game provides players with two options: Strong human Marines or the ceremonial Predator. The Game starts well before giving us the chance to set up the stage and lay waiting for the enemies. 

What’s it all about?

The Game is all about a war between a monster and human soldiers,  teamwork, and individual mercilessness. The Game moves fast, with constant hasty changes in circumstances. No matter which role you take, you end up being attacked or hunted. The predator kills humans, while humans try taking it down. Set in the jungle, the multiplayer hunting grounds has a team of four players. On the other side, the predator is the monster trying to kill all the other team members in the jungle.

Exciting things you need to know:

This Game is a treat to both the game fans and the movie fans because it lets players play against themselves as either the soldiers or the predator. Closely resembling the Game Friday the 13th the Game, both have the same developer named IIIFonic. Similar to Friday the 13th, the players have various classes of humans and multiple skins of predators to choose from. Pre-ordering the ‘Predator: Hunting Grounds‘ rewards the players with the 1987 classic predator look, and a minigun, also known as the ‘Ole Painless’to use in the Game.

What’s new?

In this brand new version of the Predator franchise, the Game has finally decided to add a compelling female character to the individual classes for the soldiers to choose from. There is also a brand new weapon called the Yautja Bow in the Game as an addition. On describing the female character, the designers described her as “agile, fast, and relentless. This new fearless huntress thrives in the hunt courageously.

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