Predicting The Next 4 MAJOR MCU Movies After Avengers 4

With the Ant Man and Wasp hitting theatres soon, and the Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 movies scheduled to come out this year and the next respectively, fans are getting ready to bid goodbye to the phase 3 of the Marvel movies.

Although enormously successful, the franchise is expected to make big changes that will change the status quo at the end of the Thanos saga that will climax in the Avengers 4 movie. It is even suspected that the Avengers franchise will end with the fourth movie.

It is not clear right now what we will see in the phase 4, which is what the Marvel chief Kevin Feige likes to call it. It is very unlikely that the studio will leave behind plotline and superheroes that have built the success of the franchise, but some kind of change is definitely in the offing.

So we should probably be ready to see the central figures evolving or changing in major ways to make for a completely different run later. Fox Marvel properties may also come out in a big way in the next few years, and Marvel does not have any control over them. It may take three or four years for even debuts of new characters who might ultimately become part of something bigger. Here is a list of predictions of movies we are likely to see after Avengers 4:

1. Spiderman: Far From Home –

Upcoming Spider-Man movie after Avengers 4

The movie is supposed to come out only two months after the Avengers 4 movie, and it will be a marketing nightmare for Marvel and Sony Pictures as the two movies will certainly eat up sales for the other.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the first of the Phase 4 movies, and it will be a chance for both the productions houses to earn huge margins out of the temporary deal. As far as plot details are concerned, we know very little. Vulture is set to come back, but we do not know what kind of role he will play.

Also, Michael Mando will be playing Scorpion, and if the rumors have it right, Mysterio will be introduced when Peter Parker takes a trip outside the States. The movie is certain to be released as it is a big venture of the temporary partnership between Sony and Marvel.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3:

This is again a sureshot and will appear after the Spiderman movie. The James Gunn movie was set up at the end of the Volume 2 when Ayesha sent Adam after the Guardians. Adam is the famous Adam Warlock
who is expected to follow the character’s trajectory in the comics and eventually turn into an anti-hero and then a full blown hero somewhere in the MCU.

It has been confirmed that this will be the last instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the grouping likely to be dissolved. It is also predicted that some of the member of the team will sadly die at the end of this movie. Because Adam Warlock so prominently appeared at the end of the second movie, it tells us that the third movie is almost certainly coming.

3. Doctor Strange 2:

The sequel to the very successful Doctor Strange has not been actually announced yet. However, it is expected that Marvel will do that after the release of Avengers 4.

While Stephen disappeared into the abyss at the end of Infinity Wars after Thanos snapped his fingers, we expect Dr Strange to come back. Mordo plans to come back to take revenge on the Sorcerer and Nightmare is expected to be introduced as the scheming villain who convinces Mordo to team to bring back balance to the universe by ridding it of meddlers like Strange but ultimately will reveal his ambitions to rule the world.

The movie promised that Dr Strange would be back and that certainly did not mean Thor Ragnarok or Avengers Infinity Wars so we do expect a sequel. In fact, director Scott Derickson has spoken at length about what he wants to do in a sequel.

4. Black Panther 2:

Given how well the first Black Panther movie did(earnings stand at $1.3 billion), a lot of experts are considering a sequel almost a certainty. As to possible plots, we would like to see a Wakanda that opens up its land to people of other countries as a pushback against the native and traditional desire to protect its identity that Erik Killmonger seemed to carry.

There are rumours of the resurrection of Killmonger but we would prefer a new one. There are whispers of a brand new villain played by Donald Glover being introduced and that will indeed be big news. Marvel chief Kevin Feige has even spoke of his desire for director Coogler to come back because there are many stories to be told and one Black Panther was never going to be enough. We also expect to see changes after the events of Avengers 4.

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