Prince Harry Admits He Doesn’t Watch Game of Thrones – Probably Because He’s Living it in Real Life

Royal families with majestic histories have been a part and parcel of the United Kingdom. There have been stories and songs of bards, regarding the great royal history of Britain, where the land has been ruled by kings and queens and the country faced several great battles. The legacy of royal stories continues in the post-modern era, where authors have made a great fortune off of their writings related to the princely history of Britain. 

Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

One such epitome of historic writing regarding the majestic legacy of kings and queens ruling the United Kingdoms is Song of Ice and Fire, later converted into the series Game of Thrones. Although the characters and events of the novel by George R.R. Martin are fictional, its historical base is so strong, the series was disseminated soon enough after it got aired. 

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The Duke of Sussex admits, he has never watched Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, popularly known as GOT has been creating a fanbase not just among the netizens but also celebrities and famous personalities; one such personality is Prince Harry. Belonging to Britain and being well-versed in its history, the Duke of Sussex admits he has never watched Game of Thrones although he is quite aware of the story. 

Prince Harry has been known for unleashing secrets and family conflicts in interviews. Recently in an interview with Anderson Cooper, he revealed how he doesn’t need to watch Game of Thrones, for he is probably living it like Jamie Lannister. Cooper went on discussing with Prince Harry how he finds the royal family dynamic to be like Game of Thrones, and the Duke responded “I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but there’s definitely dragons. And that’s a third party which is the British press,”.

Prince Harry unleashing secrets and family conflicts

The Duke of Sussex has a sob story where his mother died at a young age and thereafter he has been living with his cold father, brother, grandmother, and an evil stepmother. Although his life story as a bachelor has been very moving and sympathetic, his life after becoming a husband turned the tables. 

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Prince Harry’s “stunning break with Royal protocol”

In a short sit-down interview on 60 minutes with American journalist Anderson Cooper, Prince Harry insisted on revealing a toxic dynamic between the British tabloids and the royal family. The young prince had a troubled life, where he witnessed what the royal palace did to his beloved mother Princess Diana, followed by the atrocities of the Press. Similarly, after his wedding to Meghan Markle, his world turned upside down when he was almost eager to throw his family under the bus for his wife and a ransom of nearly $150 million. 

Prince Harry lives life like Game of Thrones

The Duke of Sussex admits to never watching Game of Thrones, for believes his life has become like one. He wishes to reconcile with his family but he has no choice due to the complicated relations. The prince suffered a setback with his brother right after the death of their mother for they“were on different trajectories, dealing with the same traumatic experience in different ways”. Although there were ways to fix things, situations deteriorated when Prince Harry’s spat turned ugly for the Royal family. 

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