Prince Harry’s Extraordinary Obsession With His Private Parts Leads Him To Mention His ‘Todger’ 15 Times in His Own Book ‘Spare’

Prince Harry’s new memoir is finally out, and it is clearing reveals details of the royal family. In the book Spare the prince has told his side of the story from his childhood till he and Meghan Markle left the royal family. Since the release of the Netflix docu-series revolving around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there have been many revelations about the royals. The royal couple has told their story through the documentary Harry & Meghan, and now the memoir is doing the part.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Spare usually gives more details about the life of the Duke. It covers his childhood, his mother’s death, and his marriage to the former actress. The book focuses mainly on the prince and his life struggles. Now a new revelation has shocked the readers.

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Prince Harry mentioned his princely package in Spare

Prince Harry memoir 'Spare' shatters UK book sales record
Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’

Since the release of Spare, the memoir of Prince Harry, it has been making bombshell revelations about the royal family. Not only that the Duke of Sussex has made headlines for mentioning his private parts in the book. The prince has made 15 references to his manhood in his memoir. He has written about his p*nis eight times, his c**k” six times, his todger once, down there once, and his bespoke c**k cushion twice.

In the book the father of two shares his experience with p*nile frostbite. Before his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding in April 2011, the Duke set off on a 13-day journey across the North Pole in support of the organization Walking With the Wounded. It was a charity trek for the aid of disabled former service members in making the transition from the military to civilian life.

The 38-year royal said,

“Horrified to discover that my nether regions were frost nipped as well, and while the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t. “My p*nis was oscillating between extremely sensitive, and borderline traumatized, the last place I wanted to be was Frostnipistan.”

The walk done by Prince Harry along with his four ex-servicemen who were badly wounded in the war in Afghanistan raised $2.38 million.

He even shared his experience by saying,

“These amazing veterans were doing a walk to the North Pole, they had all the training, I had none. I turned up thinking, how bad can this be? It’s only the North Pole, it’s only minus 35 degrees.”

As suggested by his friend, the Duke took the help of some home remedies to cure his issue, and that took him on a trip down memory lane reminding him of his mother, Princess Diana.

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Prince Harry’s revelation of his private part gets a flurry reaction online

Prince Harry's 'Spare' Sells 1.4 Million Copies on Day One - Variety
Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’

The people were excepting to read about the royal family in Spare, but they were shocked at the point when the prince mention his private parts in detail. After reading the part they took to Twitter to post their reaction to the royal princely package.

Daily Wire Rome Correspondent Bree Dail tweeted,

“Spare by Harry Windsor seems to be less a raw autobiography and more carefully cultivated exposé of bad decision making . . . including the choice to write it. No one needed to know this, Harry.”

“I never thought I’d be talking about Prince Harry’s ‘frost nipped’ p*nis for a living, but here we are,” Royal Reporter for GB News, Cameron Walker wrote.

The Duke also mentioned losing his virginity to an older woman in a grassy field behind a busy pub at the age of 17 in his book. This part also caught the reader’s eye.

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Source: Fox News

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