‘Privileged’ Drake Claimed His $400K Handmade Stingray Skin Mattress That Took 600 Hours To Make is the Only Bed He Can Sleep on

Drake is a legendary personality in the music industry. In his quick ascent to the top, the rapper has broken numerous records and established himself in the business. He started his career as an actor on a show, and he has since evolved into one of the best hip-hop artists of all time.

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There is no doubt that the singer is one of the wealthiest men in the music business. And he doesn’t mind flaunting it either, from his extravagant Toronto estate with an indoor NBA regulation basketball court to his lavish private aircraft. Like many famous people, he has invested a sizable sum of money in creating a distinctive and cozy residence. One of them includes his six-figure mattress. 

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Drake claims of sleeping on a $400K Mattress 

So, Drake sleeps in a 400k bed made of stingray skin and horse hair
Drake sleeps in a 400k bed made of stingray skin and horse hair

The legendary rapper likes to flaunt his wealth by spending it on making his life luxurious just like he did with his residence. Drake has a reputation for being expensive, but this one just might top them all. According to reports, following a long day of work producing TV shows, setting poems, and making candles, Champangepapi prefers to sleep on a $400k mattress made of stingray skin and horsehair.

The One Dance singer spent six figures on a mattress made from compressed leather called the Grand Vividus. Akademiks claimed that making one mattress takes approximately 600 hours. Linus Adolfsson, owner of The Hastens Sleep Spa LA + New York stated that Grand Vividus redefined the meaning of what the word mattress signifies. According to him if a person’s favorite object in their life is not their mattress then they are sleeping on the wrong one. 

He told Insider in 2020,

“[Each individual] bed takes over 600 hours to [create and is] fully handmade. We jumped through hurdles to make sure that Drake had the first one ever produced. He’s currently sleeping on it and he loves it. He’s been quoted [as saying it’s like he’s] ‘floating’ while he’s sleeping.”

The mattress was co-created by Hastens and designer Ferris Rafauli, who also worked on the Rich Flex singer’s large Toronto home. Rafauli’s keen attention to detail is probably what got him the job designing the 50,000-square-foot house.

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Drake’s Toronto home is inspired by traditional Beaux-Arts architecture


The rapper’s net worth is estimated by Forbes to be about $150 million. His luxurious, 50,000 square foot manor estate in Toronto is very extravagant, with amazing features including an indoor basketball court that is regulation size and ornately decorated. Additionally, his excellent interior designer has made some unique furnishings, particularly for him.

Ferris Rafauli revealed that he took inspiration from traditional Beaux-Arts architecture. The actor’s house is sort of a modern interpretation of the Art Deco movement, placing a 20,000-piece Swarovski crystal chandelier in the great room and hanging a glass chandelier in the lounge. 

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Source: CheatSheet

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