Problems Escalate For Shakira As Young Man Comes Forward To Claim He’s Her Son, Asks for $42M Ransom As Hush Money

As if pop singer Shakira did not have enough problems in her life already after her split from footballer Gerard Pique, a young man has come forward to claim that he is Colombian actor Santiago Alarcon and Shakira’s son. The actor revealed that the young man has been harassing him and his family for a while now. The mysterious youth claims that Shakira and Santiago Alarcon had him when they were dating and is asking for 835 million pesos ($42 million) as compensation. Santiago Alarcon has already filed a report with the Spanish authorities to deal with the matter.

A young man is claiming to be Shakira’s son

Shakira and Santiago Alarcon
A youngster claims that he is Santiago Alarcon and Shakira’s son

Colombian actor Santiago Alarcon revealed that a young man has been harassing him and his family by claiming that he is his son. The boy, whose name is not revealed, has named Colombian singer Shakira as his mother. The actor addressed the issue on his Instagram expressing that he is sure that the case will be dismissed as the claim is ridiculous and the boy doesn’t have any proof that supports his statement.

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The boy is seeking $42 million

Santiago Alarcon
Santiago Alarcon in the video he posted on his Instagram to address the issue

The actor also revealed that the boy asked him for 835 million pesos ($42 million) as compensation. He believes that this is a case of extortion as the claim made by the boy is ridiculous. He said in the video,

“I am the victim of harassment and extortion by a young man whose name I am going to omit on the lawyer’s recommendation, but we are going to call him a boy. He says that I gave him up for adoption in 1992, but I was 12 years old then. This is a case of extortion because he is asking me for 835 million pesos.”

The actor then revealed that the boy named Colombian singer Shakira as his biological mother. He also expressed concerns over his and his family’s safety,

“You won’t believe me and I’m ashamed to name her, but I have to name her so that you can see the absurdity of the story, as he claims that his biological mother is Shakira. Imagine how far this has gone. I fear for my safety, my children’s safety, my family’s safety, my workplace has already been violated.”

Shakira is already going through a rough phase of her life as she recently ended her 12-year-long relationship with Gerard Pique. The two are currently battling over who gets custody of their children, Sasha and Milan. This just adds up to Shakira’s woes, however, the case should be dismissed soon.

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Shakira and Santiago Alarcon have never dated

Shakira might leave Spain
Shakira recently broke up with footballer Gerard Pique

The actor disregarded the boy’s claim that he is a product of Shakira and Santiago Alarcon’s relationship, as the two have never dated. A source has claimed that the boy, who supposedly lives in Canada, traveled to Colombia to meet the actor. He snuck inside a dressing room of the theater where he works, breaching the security. Shortly after this incident, the actor decided to take legal action.

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Source: Marca

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