Producers working on Spice Girl animated movie.

Spice girls have always proved to be the most iconic creatures and now after years of being stuck in ‘wills’ and ‘won’t,’ all the five members would be rejoining together. It would be due to the ‘Paramount Animation’ which would even make the release of a new ‘ Spice Girls animated movie’ even possible. The release date of the Spice Girls movie has still not been set yet, but probably in 2020, Paramount Animation is looking to release two of these projects a year.


Spice Girls Animated Movie Is In The Works
Spice Girls Animated Movie Is In The Works

All five of the ‘Spice girls’ are very hardly and rarely seen together in a union. As a matter of fact, the recent reunion tour of the spice girls only featured the four of them leaving the fifth one behind. The new upcoming animated ‘spice girl’ movie would feature all the five main leads including Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Victoria Beckham. The movie is expected to contain the classic ‘Spice girl’ songs but might also feature some extremely new songs which could quite influence the fans in a positive manner.

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President for Paramount animation Mireille Soria told THR that the Spice girls “had an idea that we’ve been developing.they are very involved.” The major producers of this animated series are Simon Fuller and Karen McCullah and Kiwi Smith, who are presently writing the screenplay.

It was 1997 when all the five leads got together to act for the movie Spice World which gained high publicity and extreme popularity during that era. The original album was released in 1996, which comprised of ‘Wannabe’, ‘Say you’ll be there’, ‘spice up your life, ‘too much’, and’ stop’. And then in 2000, the group was reunited for the album ‘forever’ which only featured ‘ Emma, Melaine, Victoria and Melanie’ By the time ‘Holler’ and ‘Let love lead the way’. Now four members of the group have started touring a bit, but Victoria didn’t join them. At least now fans will be able to hear all their voices together once more.

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