Professor X Has Just Been Defeated By The X-Men’s Most Dangerous New Mutant

Nature Girl and Curse have been on the run from the X-Men:

Professor X Has Recently Been Overpowered By Nature Girl
Professor X Has Recently Been Overpowered By Nature Girl

Nature Girl and Curse have been on the run from the X-Men since embarking on a small-scale eco-terrorism mission. Curse tries to overwhelm Professor X when they eventually catch up with them, demonstrating how powerful and wicked she can be even if her abilities are not totally under control yet. In X-Men Unlimited #10 (by Gerry Duggan, Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Joe Sabino, and Annie Cheng), one of the most deadly new mutants uses her emerging powers to defeat Professor X. The issue begins with Emma Frost and her entourage getting served with a two billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Cynadine Oil, the firm that Nature Girl and Curse have been fighting since they departed Las Vegas. Frost promptly brought the matter to Magneto and Professor X’s attention. Professor X forcefully overpowered Nature Girl and ordered her to return to Krakoa immediately, fearing further litigation and public attention. Curse, on the other hand, was unscathed by Xavier’s telepathic blast.

Curse attempts to free Nature Girl from the control of Professor X:

A Still Of Both Nature Girl and Curse Straight From X-Men Unlimited #10
A Still Of Both Nature Girl and Curse Straight From X-Men Unlimited #10


Curse sought to liberate Nature Girl from the professor’s captivity once the professor learned Curse was resistant to his magic. The silently deadly mutant then utilized her talents to short-circuit the Cerebro helmet and harm the professor, forcing Xavier to admit that the strong mutant was evil. The overwhelming strength and terrible heart of the curse are nothing new. She has the ability to curse individuals merely by speaking to them while focusing on them. When she faced a group of oil pipeline workers, she was able to murder one of them merely by stating she wished he stumbled. Professor X’s abilities aren’t the only ones that don’t work on the young mutant. Curse was untouched and enthralled when Black Mamba attacked by utilizing her Darkforce to torment the mutants with their history. While she’s clearly extremely powerful, it’s also evident that she’s had little to no instruction in how to use her abilities properly.

 The secret to the X-Men’s resurrection is on the verge of being revealed:

A Still Of Professor X & Magneto
A Still Of Professor X Explaining Magneto About Nature Girl

Given that the X-resurrection Men’s secret is about to be disclosed, litigation and public attention are the last thing the mutants need right now, which is why Emma Frost pushed Wolverine to discover the defectors as soon as possible. With the X-Men aiming to become a great cosmic force, an occurrence like this could seriously jeopardize their ultimate ambitions. Unfortunately, Nature Girl and Curse have already demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are unwilling to just give themselves up, even if doing so puts them in Wolverine’s sights.

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