What happens to people after they die Keanu Reeves; “I know the ones who love us will miss us,”

What characters could Keanu Reeves play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here are six various roles that Reeves would be an ideal fit for.
What character could Keanu Reeves play if he at any point joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With Phase 4 of the MCU in transit, various movies should be projected sooner rather than later.
We set up the elite of Marvel characters that Reeves would consummately epitomize.
Reeves is presently the man existing apart from everything else in Hollywood. The 54-year-old just fell off of another compelling John Wick film, which deposed Avengers: Endgame’s best position in the cinema world when it appeared. He presented a comical appearance in Netflix’s Consistently Be My Possibly, where he played an increased form of himself. To finish everything off, Reeves just showed up in Toy Story 4 as the voice of Canadian stuntman Duke Caboom also.
It’s difficult to accept that Reeves still can’t seem to be projected in a significant film establishment like the MCU. Marvel Studios’ leader Kevin Feige has expressed that he’s been in contact with Reeves to join virtually every film except he’s sitting tight for the ideal job. While reeves should play characters like Quasar or Wraith, here are five characters we trust Reeves could genuinely play in the MCU.

6.  Adam Warlock:


5. Namor:


4. Moon Knight (Marc Spector):


3. Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards):


2. Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd):



1.  Galactus:

So yes, these are 6 Casting Of Keanu Reeves In The MCU: All the Characters He Could Play.
I really adore Keanu Reeves both as an actor and as a person.
What about you guys?
What do you people think about him?
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