‘Protect Ray J…dude is doing god’s work’: Fans Convinced Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner are Using Their Massive Influence to Cancel Ray J for Exposing S*x Tape Lies

Amid the Ray J controversy with the Kardashians, new shocking news came to light. The whole thing started first in 2007 when Ray J’s s*x tape with Kim Kardashian was leaked online and the American singer was framed for leaking the same. According to Ray J,  allegedly it was Kim K and her mother Kris Jenner who leaked the tape.

Ray J
Ray J

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When this revelation came to light, the internet was taken over by a storm. The fans came forward to defend the American singer after all these years.

Ray J exposed his DMs with Kim Kardashian on Instagram live

On Saturday night, Ray J went live on his Instagram and exposed his messages to the American socialite. The text messages were reportedly back and forth from both sides. After the controversial episode of The Kardashians series aired where Kanye West got Kim K’s s*x tape back from the One Wish singer, he decided to expose the message between them. A Twitter user mentioned that the singer was blocked quickly by Kim Kardashian after the incident.

Ray J and KimKardashian
The Brown Sugar singer leaked his conversations with Kim Kardashian on Instagram live.

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The Kardashians are trying to cancel the Melody singer

According to recent reports, the Kardashians are trying to cancel Ray J after he exposed the wicked lies of their family. Fans rushed to the American singer’s side as soon as he released his side of the story. Fans claim that they wouldn’t have waited till 2022 to expose their lies had they been in his place. They would have sued the family back in 2007 itself.

The singer shared the image of his contract with the Kardashians.

Fans just attacked every aspect of the “billionaire family” for being master manipulators.

People praised the Brown Sugar singer for being a sharp man.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
The Kardashian family is trying to cancel the American singer.

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Despite all the pressure from The Kardashian-Jenner clan and their fans, the singer is holding his ground well.

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