PS4 and PS5 Might Be Getting One Of The Most Popular Game Ever

The lockdown, though having its serious pitfalls globally, didn’t deter the gaming community much from exploring.

With the announcement of PS5 DualSense’s release last week, a new leak has triggered attention in the gaming community.

Twitterati saw the news circling about a popular PC game that might have a position in the PlayStation consoles.

The latest news of excitement

A character wielding an axe from the game
A character wielding an axe from the game

Every part of the world is seemingly busy, especially the gaming community. The latest news, though, has been the leak of code snippets about potential games for PS4 and PS5.

While there have been only two games officially announced for the PS5, this leak serves as a treat for gamers. Especially when it concerns a kick-ass game like World of Warcraft.

What game is expected through this leak?

Game Leak Screenshot
Mentions of controller support in World of Warcraft

The game World of Warcraft is a famous game of common knowledge amidst avid gamers. For the past 16 years, WoW has been exclusive for PCs but not for gaming consoles.

The new leak came to light after data miners managed to find mentions of the controller support within the WoW code. 

Data miner for World of Warcraft, Martin Benjamins, hinted at the possibility of controller support for the game.

Blizzard Entertainment’s community manager Randy “Kaivax” Jordan highlighted that the popular game might end up in XBox Adaptive Controller shortly.

The inference 

Blizzard has not made any official announcements

Gaming circles assure that code “leaks” mentioning controller support are most likely to happen during the release of the games.

As mentioned earlier, Blizzard Entertainment has plans to make the game accessible across consoles. However, no official word regarding the “leak” has been made by the developers. 

Source: comicbook, wegotthiscovered.

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