Limited Offer!! 5 PS4 Games At Less Than A Dollar

Due to a massive sale being currently hosted by the PlayStation Store, PS4 users can purchase five games for less than a dollar each. There are nearly four hundred games on sale offered by Sony on its online store for PlayStation users.

The time period for the ongoing sale is currently unknown. However, any person wishing to grab the latest deals should hurry up.  

The first two games on sale by Soedesco

PS games on sale

The game Real Farm is available for a nominal price of $ 0.79. It is an agriculture simulator game that offers 4K resolution gameplay to the players. The publisher of the game is Soedesco.

Moreover, Soedesco has another game for sale on the PlayStation Store by the name of Defunct. It is an indie adventure game and received many nominations for awards on its release. The price of the game is $ 0.74.  

More games by Soedesco available for less than $1

PS4 Games available for less than $1

AreaA is a musical themed video game for the PS4 in which a player has to perform various quests. Tasked with restoring peace and balance to the world, a player must solve various puzzles. It too is developed by Soedesco. It is available for a low price of $ 0.59.

The final Soedesco game up for sale right now is Shiny – A Robotic Adventure. Available for a nominal price of $ 0.29, the plot of the game follows a robot left to fend for himself. Moreover, it has to overcome various challenges while defending himself during the game.  

The fifth game available for less than a dollar on the PlayStation Store

Reus is the only game in this list that is not developed by Soedesco. Garage 227 Studios publish it. In the game, a player controls several giants and help shape a planet.

Furthermore, the player has to enrich the earth with plants and animals. However, a player is not in control of humanity. Reus is available currently for a price of $ 0.44 on the PlayStation Store.

Source: ComicBook, PlayStation Blog

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