PS5 Controller’s Weird Connection With Captain America? Fans Think So!

Gamers across the world could not have expected more surprising news that took them by stark madness.

Sony revealed its first look at the upcoming PlayStation5’s controller, The DualSense, earlier this week.

Reviewers globally have been busy trying to analyze the closest possible details. Some of these include the DualSense controller’s design, the futuristic and quirky color tone, and many more.

While that buzz has been around, PlayStation fans noticed an apparent similarity to what they felt like relating it with Captain America’s Quantum suit from the Avengers: Endgame.

Too much of a Robotic feel, you think?

The first look of the PlayStation5's DualSense Controller
Too much of a Robotic feel, you think?

The developers of the DualSense5 have really got their thinking set aside for the distant future. This very thought has led to an uber-cool, dual-tone design with the light indicator perfectly streamlined around its touchpad. 

Why Captain America though?

Why Captain America though?
DualSense’s design is similar to the Quantum Suit

Some fans took to Reddit and Twitter as to how the PlayStation controllers have evolved over the years in terms of color that bears a striking similarity to the evolution of Captain America.

Although those are just random comments and social media buzz, it doesn’t stop us from thinking how similar the DualSense is to Captain America’s Quantum suit. 

The official news about the DualSense and the PS5

The futuristic look of the DualSense for PlayStation 5

To keep up with the ongoing madness with the gamers, the official statement from the Sony Interactive Entertainment is very promising. The DualSense features an in-built microphone array, haptic feedback sensors, and adaptive triggers for realistic gaming experience. 

The final output of the DualSense controller is yet to reach the developers, and the PlayStation is slated for launch this holiday season. Hope the gaming community is all set for more PlayStation news!!

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