At the moment of publishing, not a single– relatively credible– leak of the consumer variation of the PlayStation 5 has actually leaked, nevertheless, the PS5 developer set has actually been leaking like crazy. Mainly, these leakages have actually been of the console’s exterior, which at the end of the day suggests very little given that the consumer version of consoles generally look quite various than designer kits. Beyond this, we’ve likewise heard scuttlebbut that the dev set is really effective, and oftentimes developers and insiders have actually suggested it’s more powerful than the Xbox Series X developer set.

A peek at the all new PS5

Image of the PS5
Sony confirmed the leaked image of PS5

That all said, another expected peek at the PS5 dev package has leaked, and this time it’s off the console’s home screen (UI/dashboard). And like the dev set itself, it looks quite easy. And likewise like the dev set, it’s likely not indicative of what the house screen of the consumer version of the console will look like. That stated, possibly it does suggest the PS5 will simulate the general design and design of the PS4

house screen, which I personally would be fine with. While I would like a few quality-of-life functions added to the PS4 home screen, by and large, I like it a lot.

Anyhow, listed below you can check out the dripped image for yourself. Naturally, provided the source of the image, it and its implications ought to be taken with a grain of salt.

Exciting new features to be unraveled

Image of PS5 coming up
The outlook of the new PS5

PlayStation 5 is set to release at some point holiday 2020. At the moment of publishing, significant details on the console are rather limited. We do not know what day the console will drop, how much it will cost, what games it will come packing, or even what features will be packed within.

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