PS5 Showcases A Sleek Curved Console

Sony’s PlayStation has always been the go-to gaming consoles for gamers all around the world. Since 1994, when the first PlayStation or PS1 was launched in the market, Sony has tried always to bring out the next version to be better than the previous.

Sony’s PSP or PlayStation Portable created much hype when it was first introduced. And now Sony has come up with the all-new PS5 which supports Sony’s tag of being a trendsetter.

What’s new with PS5?

New PS5 Design

As per the French gaming site VR4Player, the new PS5 has a sleek design that makes it stand out from its earlier boxy ancestors. The console looks as modern as it can get with the curved front. The old flat, boxy look has been scrapped, and the new look is stunning.

The center of the top of the PS5 displays the well recognized PS logo, which can be seen clearly no matter how the console is placed. But the new PS5 is not all about looks. Sony has succeeded in getting the PS5 to work with the DualSense controller, while others have only tried and failed.

The DualSense Controller, is it too much?

The new controller has rechargeable batteries, while its adversaries still use AA batteries. The position of the light bar has also been changed. It has been moved from the top to the sides of the touchpad.

The weight of the controller has also been reduced considerably. The position and angle of the hand triggers have slightly been changed that makes the controller feel smaller.

The up-gradation of the grip would also be an advantage of prolific gamers. The controller also features a built-in microphone and a ‘create’ button rather than ‘share’.

Should you upgrade your PS4 to PS5?

With all that the new PlayStation offers, the question persists, is it worth it? Although the new controller has brought about many changes, were they necessary? Sony has changed the old PS4 controller even though no one asked for it. The previous controller was liked and loved by all, so why change it? Moreover, given the pandemic situation the world is going through, the financial crisis is due to follow. In such scenarios, spending around the rumoured cost of $500 might seem too much to many. Add the games, a new setup and one might be spending a little too much. For some, the expense might be worth it, for others not so much so.

The new PS5 has double the memory than the PS4. The Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive makes it just so much more fun. Combine this with the upgraded GPU and CPU, and you’re looking at a gaming experience like none other.

Watch the PS5 concept design

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