Queen Consort Camilla Has ‘Desire to show unified front and a family vibe’ as Meghan Markle Pulls All Stops to Defame World’s Most Powerful Royal Family

The Royal family wants to put up a unified front for the world. With a recent succession, they clearly want to show that they are pulling it together elegantly in their respective new roles. However, the anxiety somehow flashed through in one of the royals’ recent public appearances. The current big 4 of the royal family, King Charles III, and Queen Consort Camilla, along with the Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa at Buckingham Palace. And if body language expert Judi James is to be believed, the Queen Consort was pretty anxious during the welcome ceremony, but all in all the family goal was to emanate a family vibe.

Queen Consort, Camilla looked anxious during a recent public appearance

Queen Consort, Camilla seemed anxious during a royal event, according to body language expert
Queen Consort, Camilla seemed anxious during a royal event, according to a body language expert

On November 22, after having welcomed the South African president, King Charles III, and Camilla Parker Bowles stood on the stage while Prince William and Kate Middleton ascended the stairs towards it. However, during the process, Bowles lifted her clutch and used it as a barrier in front of her torso, an action that body language expert, Judi James has dubbed as one of probable discomfort.

“There was a small gesture of anxiety from Camilla as the very elegant William and Kate approached up the steps as she lifted her bag in front of her torso in a barrier gesture.”

James attributed a fair reason behind the gesture as well.

“There is clearly a desire to show a unified front and a family vibe from the new top tier of the Firm though, with smiles, chatting, and polite body language signals all round.” 

The royals want to portray a "family look" according to body language expert
The royals want to portray a “family look” according to body language expert

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The most probable logic behind the gesture was the anxiety or the pressure of being in the spotlight after ascending into her role as the Queen Consort.

“Camilla seemed especially keen to promote a family look here, not just with her maternal-looking smiles but in the way she turned her head to join in the conversation between William and Kate. Kate’s dimpled smile and her raised brows showed a polite and attentive engagement as Camilla spoke to her across William, who adopts a fig leaf hand pose to suggest he is in listening rather than speaking mode.”

With the kind of media coverage that the royals get, succumbing to a little anxiety now and then is natural and human.

The probable reason behind the royal’s anxiety and “family look”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle causing the royal family anxiety
Are they the reason behind this anxiety?

However, being bent upon promoting “a family look” could also have another reason behind it – to stand tall in the trying times that might soon come.

The British royals have had quite a rocky year with Queen Elizabeth II passing away and the reign carrying on to her son, King Charles III. An impending doom that is reportedly giving them sleepless nights is Prince Harry‘s upcoming memoir, Spare. The estranged prince has claimed that the book will open many dark closets and thus might end up bringing further infamy for the family, much like his and Meghan Markle‘s 2021 bombshell Oprah interview. On top of this, December might finally see the streaming of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix docuseries which is sure to cause additional controversy as well. It is possible that this is the reason behind the Queen Consort’s seeming anxiety and the royals’ insistence on donning a formidable family front.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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