Quicksilver In WandaVision A Bit Different From What You’d Expect!

WandaVision recently brought in the character of Wanda’s brother Pietro into the picture. But unlike what you’d expect, it wasn’t Aaron Taylor Johnson who graced us with his presence but Evan Peters.

We all know Evan Peters from the X-Men movies, where he plays a different version of the character Quicksilver. His name is Peter Maximoff and he definitely does not a have a twin named Wanda. More importantly, he is a mutant, and the son of another mutant, specifically Magneto.

MCU vs Fox :

The version of Quicksilver we were first introduced to in the MCU was not a mutant. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Quicksilver and his twin Scarlet Witch, got their powers from one of the infinity stones. Namely, the Mind Stone. And till now, there has been no talk for including mutants into the MCU; not that the audiences aren’t dying for it to happen!

But in the episode 6 of WandaVision, Peters’ Quicksilver that we saw was a little different; more similar to Aaron Taylor Johnson’s version, but different from the version Peters himself played in the X-Men movies. The powers displayed by this Quicksilver didn’t coincide with his own past versions from the Fox franchise.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving into Phase 4 of its storyline, the plans are to connect the movie verse with the ongoing TV shows; unlike what they tried to do with Agents of SHIELD. The storyline of the Disney+ TV shows will impact the movie plots directly, as we have already seen with WandaVision.

The show has had some kind of twist in plot or a big reveal in almost every episode. But the appearance of Peters’ Quicksilver definitely had the biggest impact. And this appearance has led to a lot of fan theories, obviously; some more far-fetched than the other.

This Quicksilver, unlike that from the X-Men movies, does not experience whiplash. In the previous movies, Peters’ character explained how it was difficult for him to take someone along with him, given his speed, in case he injured them by breaking their necks. Although it wasn’t an impossible task, as we have seen him moving people from one place to another quite a lot.

Pietro or Peter?

Peter – the X-Men version, had explained that he had to hold people upright by their necks when he moved them with his speed. So as not to break their necks, he would take that precaution while running. But this version, the Pietro one, did not have any worry about such stuff.

In WandaVision, when Pietro takes Wanda’s kids – Billy and Tommy to steal candies from the neighbourhood; he didn’t have to worry about them getting whiplash, or breaking their own necks because of the speed. They happily moved around without any sort of discomfort from the speed. This goes on to show that this Quicksilver is more MCU than mutant.

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Especially given that the MCU hasn’t even used the term mutant yet. And definitely haven’t labelled Wanda as one of them either. We have seen Inhumans in Marvel TV verse, in both Agents of SHIELD

and Inhumans, but mutants are still a no-show.

Since the merger between Fox and Disney, fans have been waiting with anticipation for the X-Men to be introduced to the MCU. And of course be able to use the ‘mutant’ term, finally. But instead of taking the route of Peters’ Quicksilver be the pathway to the rest of the mutants, Marvel has decided to  stick to their original storyline from Age of Ultron.

Westview Side of Things –

Westview, where Wanda and Vision stay – the premise of Wada’s reality warping powers, is apparently not the place to have the X-Men join the MCU. The Quicksilver that we saw in the show had to be similar to the Pietro she knew; therefore Evan Peters being more like Taylor Johnson  for the Disney+ show.

But with so many unanswered questions, it is difficult to say why Marvel decided to go this route. Pietro looks different, but is similar to what Wanda remembers her brother to be like, at the same time. And given his arrival wasn’t exactly planned by Wanda, like the rest of Westview; we can say she was a bit overwhelmed at the presence of her presumably dead brother. Even if he does look different from what she remembers.

Although this version of Quicksilver is similar to that of the one from Avengers: Age of Ultron; he is not completely the same. Apart from his face, there are a few other dissimilarities. But there is one thing we have noticed – and it’s that this Quicksilver is quite similar to the comic book version of the character.

Who is This Quicksilver?

This Quicksilver is overconfident, a little impulsive, quite arrogant, and doesn’t care too much about rules. He even sometimes feels a little villainy – which might be another clue to what is really going on in Westview. It is safe to say that there is more to this sitcom styled suburb than what meets the eyes. And there is someone in the background running the show, probably!

And no, we aren’t talking about Feige here!

But it might be Feige’s plans to set this Quicksilver apart from the initial MCU version, or from the X-Men version. This might also mean that it wasn’t really Pietro who showed up at Wanda’s doorsteps but someone made to ‘look’ like her dead brother. Whether or not that’s true is yet to be revealed.

For now we have two more episodes left, with the season finale set to air on Disney+ on the 5th of March, 2021.

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