Quirky Mr.Joker: Joaquin Phoenix’s makeup team says it was difficult to work with him

The crown, more precisely clown prince of Gotham, has always been the talk of the town. Be it his exceptionally spectacular performance as the mentally challenged Arthur or the lord of all evil Joker. Joaquin Phoenix is a promising actor, and the Best Actor award he got was well deserved. Nobody could have done the role better than him, and now he has made our eyes needy and wanting. We can never see any better Joker than him.

Enough with his praise now, let’s get back to work. So, Joaquin Phoenix has been part of the controversy before also. 

What’s the big deal

Here it is, the movie Joker has been nominated for two categories of 92nd Academy Award, set to be happening in February. The classes are – Original Music and Makeup and Hairstyling. So, the Makeup and hairstyling team of the movie had their final show post nominations. The show included a video of the group describing their working experience throughout the film.

The Rant from the Stylists

It was in the segment that the makeup and hairstyling team revealed the ups and downs of working with Phoenix. So the rant goes like – Phoenix being the little birdy he is, did not like being touched by the makeup artists, so spent time doing his makeup himself. The artists had to work out the situation with him. The Joker actor had also lost weight for the movie, so he used to get hungry on sets frequently. He used to disappear in between his hairstyling and would not return for very long periods. The team had a hard time working with him while Phoenix used to vanish in between takes.

The team used to bribe him with chocolate so that he will eat and be still for the time being. The result of the whole situation was that the chief responsible for the maintenance of continuity had to leave his job to get a break.


Source: ComicBook

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