R-Rated Properties in MCU: Necessary?


It seems that the recent fad in entertainment begs for all R-rated stuff— that large ancient R needs to be tasteful to an increasing number of cinephiles. With the Marvel film universe becoming the biggest entertainment company in the world, it’s not enough for the fans of the topic. They continue to ask,’ Does Blade have R?’ or they insist that Disney+ won’t be up to snuff because PG-13/TV-14 is the toughest content the platform has.

The issue is, why does the MCU require R-rated films or TV shows?

Big hits- R-rated films

Big hits- R-rated films
Famous stars of MCU

The MCU, without a single R-rated movie, has made almost $23 billion worldwide. Indeed, before you discover the first R-rated film in the Deadpool box office chart, you would have to wade through sixteen superhero features. 

Only Deadpool performs well

Outside of the Deadpool franchise, it’s pretty safe to say R-rated superhero flicks don’t perform too hot at the box office — certainly not as well as their PG-13 counterparts. You have the response to the major issue right there in any sector in which any choice is made on the basis of the almighty dollar.

R-rated movies aren’t the best

R-rated movies aren’t the best
A still from Deadpool


Fans seem to forget the fact every time Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) or Hawkeye (Clint Barton) fire their weapons, they’re certainly not shooting to maim. Hell, even Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had enough phallic jokes that’d make Deadpool himself blush. R-rated movies aren’t always better — just look at the latest Hellboy reboot to see that.


What do you think of the R-rating? Do you agree with the necessity?

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Source: Comicbook, IGN

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