Rambo Scores Well With Audience, DESPITE Rotten Tomatoes’ Bashing

It would be an understatement to say that Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood hasn’t gone well with critics. Critics have blasted the fifth and probably final film in the Rambo franchise, with many claiming that the film is all from tone deaf, excessively brutal, depressing and usually just no fun. As a consequence, the movie sits at Rotten Tomatoes at a 29 percent Tomatometer score, but while critics have very little good to say about the movie audience, they have dramatically distinct experience with the movie.

Audience like the film

On Rotten Tomatoes, Rambo: Last Blood is currently sitting at a solid audience score of 86 percent, meaning audiences like the movie, even though critics are clearly not. While it’s not unusual to have a lot of a distinction between taking the critics and reacting to a movie by the crowd, this one is a fairly big one. Most audience reviews seem to approach the film as a product of the whole, meaning that violence is to be expected as a Rambo film while there are several other reviews dismissing Rambo’s critical issues: Last Blood as nothing more than political bias on the part of “liberal” critics.

Rambo Lead actor

But even with viewers reacting to Rambo favorably: Last Blood, it’s not just critics who have little good to say about the movie. Rambo creator David Morrell is not a Last Blood fan himself. Morrell, who wrote the 1972 novel First Blood from which the same name film of 1982 was adapted, shared on Twitter Saturday his own reaction to the film, noting that he was embarrassed to be associated with Last Blood.

Morrell talks about the review


Rambo film poster


“I agree with these RAMBO: LAST BLOOD reviews,” Morrell wrote. “The film is a mess. Embarrassed to have my name associated with it.”

Morrell went a bit further in speaking with Newsweek, saying that the film “dehumanized” him.

“I felt degraded and dehumanized after I left the theater,” Morrell said. “Instead of being soulful, this new movie lacks one. I felt like I was less a human being for having seen it, and today that’s an unfortunate message.”


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