In a perspective scenario, there is no precise definition of what you are describing that could possibly be agreed to by all people. The reason for this is that no examples are equally valid amongst differing minds belonging to differing observers. In case this sounds too much like individual observation and how mind works and grasps in fascinating ways.

You call them lazy? It’s high time for you to see them as the smartest one to use the resources in your clan. Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways, by that we mean “smart” ways too. Well, this meme explains it all. We can find kings and queens of Jugaad just around us. Where they can get things done with minimum efforts. They find the easiest, most convenient and brilliant ways to do things. 

Having someone for yourself in a relationship always make you feel loved and special. You will be having couple getaways during holiday season, all those romantic dates during, sweet anniversaries and candle light dinners. Of course you  also want to make it extra special by sharing it with your social life. However, the way you end up looking in these pictures depends on… your significant other. To be more specific, one popular cliché says it comes down to their gender. 

But wait, Isn’t this the same with our friends too? Having doubt ? Look at your gallery.

Initially, you got to be running for money to run on the treadmill. Did Bronn feel the same too when he was asked to train this one armed guy!

When the question is 

Well it’s day 100000 of quarantine life. Wait, what? It’s only like day 10?

A)I’m not going to make it.

B)And others are struggling, too.

  1. C) But, at least most people are finding humor in the situation.

It’s pretty simple: If given one choice to A) quarantine with your spouse and children or — yes. 

The second one. We don’t even need to hear what the second one is, because we choose B.


me (not caffeinated): anxious 

me (caffeinated): anxious, but faster

A young boy embarking on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express, while learning about friendship, bravery, and the spirit of Christmas. He is all grown now isn’t he ? Feel old yet ?

And then it takes a good minute or two for you to realize that they are making fun of your cluelessness !

Some people blow off the steam about the smallest things or the slightest disturbance and aren’t afraid to tell exactly what’s wrong has happened . Then there are people who are passive aggressive, leave little notes, and are sarcastic and tend to  display hostile behavior when something isn’t to their liking. We don’t think there’s much benefit to passive aggressive behavior, but on a lighter note, it can be pretty funny to see other people acting this way. 

The worst part is then hearing yourself like the second version for a little while after you hear a recording.


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