Ray Fisher Challenges Warner Bros. Claims With Proofs Of His Own!

The Warner Bros. – Ray Fisher saga continues.

Not a day after Warner Bros. claims of Fisher’s non-cooperation, the actor took to Twitter by posting proofs that the allegations made against him are false.

Ray Fisher

WarnerMedia had recently issued a statement saying Fisher had not cooperated with the third-party investigator that was hired to look into the accusations made by the actor.

The investigator was asked to fact check the claims against Justice League director Joss Whedon, as well as DC Executives Geoff Johns and John Berg.

Fisher, who plays Victor Stone/Cyborg in the Justice League had accused the director of “toxic behaviour” on the sets and claimed that the executives “enabled” him to it. He took to Twitter to share his grievances, which soon caught the eyes of Warner Bros. and they launched an investigation.

Ray Fisher tweets against WB allegations

Fisher unsatisfied with the investigation, asked for an independent third party to be introduced into the issue.

But WarnerMedia shared in their statement that despite the numerous efforts of the investigator, Fisher refused to speak to them and has not provided with any proofs of his claims.

Now the actor has hit back at Warner Bros. for wrongly alleging him.

He posted a screenshot of an email he sent to his team after speaking to the investigator via Zoom on August 26, 2020.

Ray Fisher posts a screenshot of an email sent to his team

The email can be seen explaining why he ended the call before anything could be discussed as he wanted a representative of his own to be present to back his story.

Fisher also said that he didn’t think the investigator was truly an independent third party.

Both parties are now attacking one another, further complicating the matter at hand without coming to a resolution.

While it was alright for Fisher to not continue the call without his own representative there, one may also ask why he did not get back to the investigator at a later date with someone present to back his story.

Having had to already face allegations from WarnerMedia might be a reason for him to be cautious, and rightly so.

But now the matter is escalating with no end in sight, and both parties looking none the wiser.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Fisher needs to talk to the Warner Bros. representatives directly, instead of only making his claims be heard through Twitter.

And Warner Bros. needs to make sure that the actor is comfortable sharing his side of the story without feeling like it’s a waste of time.

Most people are now starting to tire with the on-going issue, with no significant results coming up.

Hopefully, both Fisher and Warner Bros. can come to an agreement before the Snyder Cut of Justice League is released on HBO max next year.

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