Real Housewives Alum NeNe Leakes Calls Show Starless, Says They Only Cast Hollywood Rejects Now

Real Housewives alum NeNe Leakes recently took to the airwaves to call out the current cast of the Bravo franchises, labeling them as “starless.” The comments came during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where she discussed the recent drama on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Leakes, who was part of the original cast that launched the Atlanta franchise in 2008, has always been known for her larger-than-life personality and her no-holds-barred approach to reality TV. In her latest comments, the 55-year-old television personality made it clear that she wasn’t impressed with the current crop of Housewives.

Starless Without The Main Star

The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

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Leakes stated in a recent episode of The Breakfast Club that the Real Housewives franchises have become “starless” as the stars that were once part of the shows had been taken off. She believes that the current talent on the show is not star material.

“If you really look at it, all of the stars that were on any of these franchises, they took them off and everybody that is left is starless.”

Her comments were sparked by Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon. The celeb claimed she knew about her husband Juan’s alleged affair. Leakes responded with a sharp retort, “Ooooh, honey! Yes for the starless Robyn Dixon child. Starless honey, mmhmm.”

The radio host’s comments drew a mixed reaction. Co-host Charlamagne tha God pointed out that the Potomac franchise was still getting high ratings. Leakes wasn’t impressed. “Oh, does it? When was the last time you looked at those ratings?” she asked, poking fun at the show’s numbers.

Despite her comments, Leakes admitted she doesn’t watch the show. However, she does watch some of the clips that end up on social media. She claimed that she was “not really a TV watcher.”

“I’m not really a TV watcher. I don’t watch TV at all.”

When Charlamagne argued that Dixon and her Reasonably Shady co-host Gizelle Bryant were indeed stars, Leakes had a different opinion. The reality star notes that the Real Housewives franchise’s current cast members may be somewhat known. However, they do not have the level of fame that she and other former cast members possess.

“They’re not famous. They may be known … there’s a difference between famous and known. And so, I don’t know about famous but maybe they’re known for a minute.”

Real Housewives of New York
Real Housewives of New York

Leakes also weighed in on her former RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss. The star gives her the nod as a star but adds that everyone else didn’t see it. When asked about The Real Housewives of New York City, Leakes admitted she didn’t even know who was still on the show.

NeNe Leakes Remains A Beloved Housewife

Leakes’ comments didn’t go unnoticed, with RHONY star Eboni K. Williams taking to the airwaves the next day to respond to Leakes’ comments. Williams expressed her disbelief and disagreement with the statement made by the subject when they came onto the popular program and claimed not to know someone.

“I’m not sure what she meant when she came on this beloved program and said ‘I don’t know her.’ That’s factually not true. That is just a lie.”

However, Williams agreed with Leakes on the broader point of being “known versus being famous.” She explained that there are Housewives who are simply famous for being part of the franchise and referred to as “Bravolebrities.”

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NeNe Leakes
NeNe Leakes

Leakes was part of the original cast of the Atlanta franchise, which launched in 2008. She took a break from the show during Seasons 8 and 9 before returning for Seasons 10-12. However, she left the franchise for good in 2020. After her departure, she sued Andy Cohen, Bravo, and NBC Universal for discrimination. She claimed that the Housewives franchise tolerated a hostile and racist work environment. The lawsuit was ultimately dropped in August 2022.

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Despite the controversy surrounding her comments, Leakes remains a beloved figure in the Real Housewives franchise. Naturally, fans can’t help but miss her larger-than-life personality. With her sharp tongue and quick wit, she was always the life of the party. It’s no wonder that her absence is still felt on the show. Her legendary feuds and memorable one-liners are still talked about and quoted by fans. She remains a staple of reality TV history. Whether she’s watching the current cast, NeNe Leakes will always be a Real Housewives icon and a fan favorite.

Source: The Breakfast Club | YouTube

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