Real Steel Series Is In Development At Disney+

Remember Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel, the sci-fi classic? Well, the film is getting its very own Disney+ series now, As per  Variety, a Real Steel adaptation is already on its way, but it might be some time before we actually get to see it.

Variety also reports that the series will be potentially based on the 2011 film of the same name, which was based on the short story ‘Steel’ by Richard Matheson.

Real Steel (2011)
Real Steel (2011)

At the moment, the series is said to be still in its early stages of development at Disney+ and doesn’t have a writer attached to it yet. It is also quite unclear whether the Real Steel series will be followed on from the events of the movie or start anew with all-new characters.

Either way, this will please a lot of Real Steel fans around the globe.

Real Steel
Real Steel

The original movie starred Hugh Jackman as an ex-boxing pro who turned to robot-boxing with his estranged son. Together, they try to fix up an obsolete model known as Max, which they found in the dumps, and then get it fighting fit and turning him into a true robot champion. Max takes on the current robot-boxing champ, Zeus, and it’s all a heart-warming family movie with some incredible robot-fighting action all along.

And the film has its fair share of fans. Alongside Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, Dakoto Goyo played his son, Max, with Evangeline Lily playing the role of Bailey Tallet, a boxing gym owner, and also the daughter of Charlie’s ex-coach. They were also joined by Olga Fona, Anthony Mackie, and Karl Yune.

It’s quite unknown whether any of the original stars from the film will return for the TV show.

Real Steel director Shawn Levy will be serving as the executive producer for the series, alongside Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke of Compari Entertainment, and Jacqueline Levine, with Susan Montford and Don Murphy of Angry Films.

It was also recently announced by Disney+ that they will come up many new major projects, including a new Marvel spin-off, Agatha: House of Harkness, and a Big Hero 6 series which shall be focussing on the loveable robot, Baymax.

As Real Steel is still in the early stages, no broadcast date has yet been set.

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