Reasons Tom Cruise’s The Mummy Isn’t As Bad As They Say It Is

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy directed by Alex Kurtzman was a part of Universal’s scrapped Dark Universe series. This movie served as a reboot of the studio’s classic scary movie franchise. However, The Mummy starring huge star Tom Cruise could not scare up many viewers debuting to an underwhelming $31.5 Million domestic gross. The Mummy failed terribly in impressing the critiques and had very poor ratings. 

Released in 2017, The Mummy had its fanbase from before but could not succeed even with the charm of Tom Cruise. Even though the critics slashed the movie, it was not as bad as they say. Check out the Reasons Tom Cruise’s The Mummy Isn’t As Bad As They Say It Is. 

Even the actors were miscast, Tom Cruise pulled the movie

Tom Cruise in The Mummy
Unnamed sources accused Tom Cruise of having undue influence on the film’s rewrites, editing, marketing and release date for The Mummy.

Sofia Boutella as an evil ancient princess was just bland on the screen. The cast of the movie is not the best as the fans expected. Having an A-Lister like Tom Cruise was bearable for the audiences. Tom Cruise known for his acting stunts was a delight on screen. The Mummy also had Russell Crowe who played the role of Dr. Jekyll from the secret organization Prodigium that has been studying evil powers. 

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The poor narration made The Mummy scatterbrained

Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella from The Mummy
Sofia Boutella played the role of an evil ancient princess in The Mummy

The Mummy had various screenwriters which could not set the direction of the movie. The screenplay was written by six people. Reportedly, Tom Cruise also interfered with the direction of the movie. However certain scenes from The Mummy are funny which might just look like a random youtube video.

The Mummy continues the horror legacy of the franchise


Princess Ahmanet with a half-naked and heavily tattooed mummy does scare the shit out of the audience. The mummy succeeds in bringing classical horror aspects to audiences who ordinarily wouldn’t get to see them. In China, the movie was a commercial success for its horror and supernatural genre.

Struggled to be a Standalone and Chapter 1 of the Dark Universe

Tom Cruise The Mummy
Tom Cruise in The Mummy made his debut in the Dark Universe – the rebooted versions of the original Universal Monsters.

The Mummy commits more to the dark universe and rather focuses on its origin. Having Tom Cruise as their main star should be more character-oriented. The Mummy tries to juggle a number of different tones, often alternating between action, horror, and comedy. 

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