Red Hood Becomes Like [This] Marvel Character In Red hood And The Outlaws #38?

Red Hood is the rebel in the batfam. So him turning out like this Marvel hero is jarring, or is it?

Think the DC and Marvel rivalry is non-existent? Think again then. The companies aren’t going to stop going back and forth anytime soon. For now it is DC who has referred to a very famous Marvel team. It seems like the cover of Red Hood #38 has crossed the borders with a reference to the X-Men.

Red Hood As Professor X Of The X-Men?

Red Hood as Professor X? Pic courtesy:
Red Hood as Professor X? Pic courtesy:

X-Men founder professor X is known for his catchphrase-

“To me, my X-Men.”

Here, Red Hood echoes the same sentiment while he gets strangled by a monster they haven’t encountered before. he says-

“To me, my Outlaws..?”

The comparison doesn’t just fit but it’s one that should concern DC’s other heroes as well since the Professor does tend to use very questionable methods.

Thought of initially as a disgraced Robin, Red Hood tried lethal solutions to Batman’s non-lethal ones. But recently, he has grown into his role as a team leader more than anything else. Red Hood doesn’t just lead them, he also trains them. This is much like how Charles Xavier cultivates his teenage mutants into future heroes. Red Hood too has the opportunity to shape his team into who they will be and what they will do. Also the potential of Red Hood having his own Doomsday could very well make him a major player in the DC Universe.

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How Did Red Hood And The Outlaws Get Stuck In This Situation?

Red Hood will use his team for his own benefits, that's for sure. Pic courtesy:
Red Hood will use his team for his own benefits, that’s for sure. Pic courtesy:

Red Hood #38 begins with Red hood plunging his assembled team into their big learning opportunity. The team features “metalmorph” devour, shapeshifter, DNA; the infantile super genius, Babe in Arms; and the elemental cloud 9.

The team lacks coordination and so they get in each others way. Devour’s plan to restrain the target also fails and the monster breaks free. This could be due to the fact that the monster, eventually dubbed “Doomed” turns out to be way more powerful than what the team may have estimated. But DNA does manage to connect with the monster and gradually calms it down. This allows the team to get some backstory on their enemy. Turns out that the now-monster was an S.T.A.R labs intern who got exposed to doomsday spores. This altered his DNA. So he transforms into a super strong rage machine anytime he gets stressed (does it remind you of a Marvel character? Maybe a grren one?). So if the X-Men reference wasn’t enough, it does seem like creators Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort are looking to set up Doomed to be their very own Hulk.

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Fortunately for the team, he falls under the command of Red Hood. While Red Hood might not go back to his anti heroic endeavours which earned him his deadly reputation, but it’s clear that once this band of Outlaws is trained, he will be willing to wield them for his own ends.

To know about how Red Hood became who he is now, check out the video below:

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