Red Hulk Gets the Perfect Introduction in this Avengers Fan Theory

Avengers: Endgame was prepared with full of surprises for viewers as soon as they arrived in the theater. The fans expected one thing as surprise that they might see Red Hulk on the screen in this film. But that didn’t come up and one fan has shared his opinion about the character of Red Hulk in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). 


Fans voice their opinions on MCU

Red Hulk was about to be a surprise for Fans


Red Hulk was about to be a surprise for Fans 

There was always attraction in building of General Ross’s character in the MCU. For the Avengers he always used to shoulder the responsibilities and made his life like hell. Red hulk was about to be seen on the screen but it was cut from the film because of the next film hero. He was all the same in Red Hulk character only his color was changed according to the fans. When hulk would prepare himself into a powerful one, all on a sudden the radiation would arise so much that would turn hulk into Red Hulk.


It was very good decision to save Red Hulk from this film Avengers: Endgame as this character would be very special one to be represented. As it was really appreciated not to mix with original Hulk character with this new Red Hulk. Because of this, the next film would be everyone’s awaiting expectation. 

(MCU) Introducing Red Hulk from FanTheories

If you haven’t watch the trailer, don’t miss it now. 


How Red Hulk was saved from this film


Red Hulk was precious to save for the next upcoming film

From many references, it is got to know that, Hulk’s red version was considered for Endgame at one point. Co-writer Christopher Markus revealed this fact in a very efficient way. He told that it was an idea for a day only and Red Hulk was a totally different character in the comics. It might be thought that it only changed the color but not a character’s change. But there was no reason to mix up with the original Hulk character with the Red one. He could utilize the power of that Red Hulk character in some other film which would come next. His power was incredible so it was better not to waste it. 


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