Reeves’ Batman Movie features a ‘Younger Batman’. Is this the end for Ben Affleck?

As per the reports, Matt Reeves has turned in the script for The Batman solo movie. The script says that the movie will feature a younger version of the Dark Knight. The fans might speculate that this means that it is an end to Affleck, but it’s not so.

Affleck’s version of Batman depicted a vigilante battliung against the darkness of the city. He’d lost all hopes, and became more violent than ever before. Only the sacrifice of Superman made him realize that the planet needs a hero.

Now with Reeves reporting that he is going to go for a younger version of Batman, we could very much guess that this is going to be a prequel to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This won’t mean that Ben Affleck is out of the DCEU.
The movie is going to be set up in the same time as Wonder Woman#84. The Batman solo movie will look into the life of a younger Bruce Wayne and how he became the Caped Crusader of Gotham City. The sequels would reveal how Batman lost the ones he loved, all the different Robins, Batman relationships with Catwoman or Talia, and his so called partner, Jim Gordon.

In a nutshell, Reeves is going to get the freedom to establish a strong backstory for Affleck’s Batman. He could lay down a strong baseline of how The Dark Knight of Gotham lost all his hopes, broke his no killing morale and turned himself completely into the darkness. This might help the DCEU to heal the wounds it got from Batman vs Superman.

However, there is another possibility.

Reportedly, DCEU is out making an untitled Joker solo movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Napier. This movie would establish the origin story for the Joker. So, its quite clear that this movie would be set in a separate world than Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad’s Joker.

In this way, the Warner Bros. are establishing two complete separate universe for DCEU, and this might be possible that Reeves’ Batman solo movie would be set in a separate universe than Ben Affleck’s one.


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