Remarkable changes in adventurous world of Marvel

The American television and film studio giant, the marvel studios, is ruling the hearts of its fans for years now. The comic book adaptation based action-packed films and idealistic superheroes never fail to catch the attention of its supporters. It has been a crazy decade for all the marvel fans around the globe. It is interesting to see how Marvel fans are awestruck by activities happening around the reel and real-world of Marvels.

Action in real lives of superheroes

Action in real lives of superheroes
Actor Joaquin Phoenix arrested in Jane Fonda’s climate change protest

Actor of the oscar-nominated super hit film, Joker, Joaquin Phoenix seems to have landed in a soup recently. The rebel nature of reel life character appears to be still oozing out of the actor. The actor was protesting for a climate-change protest when he got arrested by the police along with few other celebs. Though the actor’s arrest was short-termed, the internet denizens have found their way of entertainment by making a truckload of memes out of the situations.

Childhood dreams turned reality

Childhood dreams turned reality
The new-look of Jared Leto in Morbius

The childhood fantasy of half-human and vampire fangs has again gained popularity among the fans. The new teaser look of Jared Leto as Morbius, the living vampire, has got applauses by its fans. Leto, in an interview, told the reason for choosing this character goes back to his childhood, where draculas transfixed him.

Iconic entries and exists backstage

Iconic entries and exits backstage
Doctor Strange director, Scott Derrickson to leave the new project

Imagine falling in love with a subject because of the way your favorite teacher taught you and then suddenly getting the news of that teacher leaving the school. That is precisely how the Doctor strange fans worldwide are feeling after the director, Scott Derrickson, broke the news of exiting from the project. MCU and director have mutually parted way due to the occurrence of creative differences. However, the search for a new director has begun, and filming is about to commence in May.

Restive of future of Marvel in the new decade

The new decade of Marvel is about to show us new stories, looks, and actions. With new directors, characters, and superheroes being introduced in the family of Marvel, it is going to be difficult for the fans to keep calm.

Sources: India today BBC

Watch Morbius teaser trailer here:


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