Renowned DJ Sansixto Comes To Pique’s Defence, Releases Anti-Shakira Song To Humiliate the Queen of Latin Music After Pique Diss-Song Gets Gargantuan 228 Million Views

Shakira’s charm mixed with her unadulterated talent makes her win hearts and gets people to talk about her. After her latest song with Bizrrap, dedicated towards her ex-partner which had strong lines reflecting his cheating scandal with Clara Chia Marti, the Colombian singer became the talk of the town. She generated a wave of gossip for Gerard Piqué and a crazy fanbase for herself. The diss track gained immense popularity within a few weeks and currently sits with 228 million views on YouTube. 

Shakira made a diss track with Bizrrap calling out her toxic ex-partner

After the release of her song, the Colombian singer did not just attract positive attention but even negative remarks as well. Few singers and rappers even came to stand beside Gerard Piqué and made diss tracks against Shakira. A young artist Sansixto has aimed to take a stand beside Piqué and thus created a diss track named D-Clara, dedicated to Shakira. 

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Sansixto drops a diss track mocking Shakira regarding her tax fraud

Footballer Gerard Piqué and his 23-year-old model girlfriend Clara Chia Marti were targeted in Shakira’s new song with Bizrrap. The singer described it as catharsis after its release and making records. The Colombian singer swung a hard blow at her former partner and his present girlfriend revealing the abuse she went through. 

Sansixto releases diss song D-Clara to defend Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend

After it was revealed that Piqué allegedly cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti, the singer wrote the lines “I’m too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you”. Although Shakira’s song made records and was well appreciated by her fans, a young singer named Sansixto didn’t seem to appreciate the song quite so much. 

In response to Shakira’s diss track, Sansixto in collaboration with Dife MMP & Willy D, came up with a diss track D-Clara to mock the Colombian singer. Wearing Piqué’s jersey, Sansixto is heard singing “Come on, face it if she pays the tax office, she’s left with nothing,” slamming the Waka Waka singer with her tax frauds. 

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Sansixto defends Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend after Shakira’s diss track 

After Shakira released her song with Bizrrap and wrote sassy lyrics dedicated to her ex-partner Piqué, several fans came in support of her while other deduced to stick with Piqué. When Shakira mentioned in her song “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio” Piqué subtly responded to her lyrics by turning up for work in an £8,000 Renault Twingo.

Sansixto mocks Shakira on her tax fraud

Despite Piqué’s subtle reply, singers from different parts of the world took the mic to diss Shakira. Sansixto made the headlines after he defended the ex-Barca football and his girlfriend by slamming Shakira with his new song. He referred to Shakira’s lyrics and responded with his own “I’ve got 10 Rolexes, I can throw one away” referring to the swap thing. Further, he went on “I hit the bingo, I went out like a boss…A Rolex for Monday, a Casio for Sunday

Sansixto had a wordplay in his song where he asked Shakira to declare and wrote the lyrics as D-Clara, “Women bill, but you don’t “de-clare, Women don’t cry, women bill.” 

The Colombian singer had a bitter split with former partner Gerard Piqué, after being together for more than a decade. Recently Piqué made his relationship with Clara Chia Marti official on Instagram. However, it seemed like a bad move, since it drew Marti unnecessary attention after Shakira’s new song that put a spotlight on her ex-relationship where Marti is portrayed as a homewrecker. 

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Source: The Sun

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