Reporter Had No Clue His Facebook Filters Are On During Live Report, And The Broadcast Is Plain Funny

A Reporter has recently been the front of hilarious memes, while doing a live Report for a North Carolina TV,he just pulled a string, as when reporter Justin Hinton went on-air with some zany Facebook filters on his live.  He was there to discussing about the heavily snowfall near Asheville, N.C., and moments before broadcast, Hinton accidentally turned on the filters and was completely unaware of it. So while doing his job, addressing people about the weather conditions He tried several filters namely, a pair of googly eyes, cat ears, a blue wizard hat, a fedora and some more funny props. At a point in the live video he also turned into a spooky ghost with a fake flashlight under his chin. Hinton made it more funny when he posted all this on his Twitter Account for others to enjoy.

So This His What Hilton’s Unusual Situation Looked Liked…….












People Found It Very Entertaining!!


Source: Denis Tymulis and Rokas Laurinavičius







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