Resident Evil: Scariest Moments That Are The Epitome Of Jump Scares In Gaming History, Ranked

The greatest survival horror game franchise in gaming history has plenty of jump scares to keep you on the edge. Here are some Resident Evil horror moments that shivered our whiskers.

Patient Zero – The First Zombie (Resident Evil – 2002)

Patient Zero

It was one one of the greatest turning-points in the Resident Evil universe. While exploring a creepy building, the player makes a turn and is greeted by a flesh eating zombie mere minutes into playing the game. The 2002 Gamecube update enhanced the graphics and it made the scene even more horrifying than it already was. The scene shows a zombie, eating a rotting carcass and hunched over. The zombie suddenly gets up and looks at the player while the rest of us crap our pants in utter horror.

The Canine Parade – Dog Attack (Resident Evil – 1996)

Dog Attack

The 1996 game lets you explore a haunted mansion. The game sees you coming across a variety of creepy settings. But then you encounter a rather well-lit corridor that looks like a normal room. The mansion itself gives you a false sense of security from the creatures outside. And that would be a player’s biggest mistake. As you make your way across the corridor, a horde of monstrous dogs break through the window, shattering glass everywhere. This scene is one of the greatest jump scares in gaming history.

The Grotesque Giant Baby Monster (Resident Evil Village – 2021)

Giant Baby Monster

Resident Evil Village is by far one of the most grounded and ‘true to the genre’ horror shooter games Resident Evil has to offer. Ethan Winters is searching for his missing daughter in a Romanian village. He has to defeat four monsters before facing Mother Miranda. Ethan goes to House Beneviento right beside a waterfall where he encounters the gaming world’s ugliest abomination. As the hallucinogens take effect, Winters must solve a creepy puzzle. The lights soon go out and a giant baby monster starts crawling to him, and the monster is hungry as hell.

Jack Baker Chase (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – 2017)

Jack Baker

The Baker Family is the like the real life Manson family, only creepier and more violent than you could ever imagine. Ethan is held hostage and fed really suspicious pieces of food. As he successfully escapes, Jack Baker – the Baker family patriarch, chases him from room to room. a cop that comes to investigate is viscously murdered by Jack Baker. Baker remains unfazed by bullets and cut wounds. He is seemingly unstoppable, taunting Ethan all along the way. The moment where Jack Baker literally breaks through the wall like a terminator and grabs Ethan is somewhat straight out of a horror movie.

Paranormal Found Footage Video (Resident Evil 7 Demo: Beginning Hour – 2016)

Beginning Hour

This mission was sadly not part of the main game that was released a year later. But it was a great way to market the upcoming game. The player assumes the role of a cameraman as a crew makes its way across the abandoned Baker family house. The entire mission is shot in a found footage format, upping the creep factor to Kingdom Come. Beginning Hour’s unique jump scares are pretty much a ‘blink and you miss it’ scenes. Thy come and go in split second flashes, making players question their own visual perceptions.

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