Retail Giant Amazon Commences Shipping Of Non Essential Items

Online retailer Amazon will be accepting new orders from customers again.

This move by the company comes after two months of priority given only to essential commodities.

Amazon will shortly normalize the shipping times of items. However, the company has warned its customers of a causal roll out over the coming weeks. This statement means that some hiccups will happen in the new shipping procedure.

Amazon’s spokesperson speaks about the company’s plans.

Amazon Office

A spokesperson from Amazon stated that the company appreciated its selling partners’ patience. The company had prioritized the delivery of products for customers a short while back, owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, the official explained Amazon’s strict guidelines of health and safety measures. The company had followed this in all the fulfillment centers for the safety of employees. The sellers will get further details soon.

The selling partners efforts in delivering goods

The sellers were permitted to sell items Amazon considered non-essential. However, the sellers were required to pack and ship the products themselves.

Moreover, they could not make use of Amazon’s warehouses or logistics facilities. Shipping times considerably increased for customers due to the sellers themselves doing all the work.  

The company’s move of giving priority to certain items

Amazon in an announcement made on 17th May had stated that they were going to focus on delivering only essential commodities. The list of items included groceries, beauty products, and medical supplies.

Moreover, the retailing company started giving priority to orders of household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products. The prioritization happened to serve the customers better in the time of distress. 

Source: ComicBook, Bloomberg

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