Return of The Vine? Internet reacts to Byte

There is no counter-argument to the fact that Vine was an instant sensation among the digital audience. The application which allowed the users to make a short and funny video was a hit among creative content creators who were in search of a platform to showcase their talent. The app not only housed several unknown faces, but it also attracted celebrities. In short, Vine was the predecessor of TikTok and Snapchat. However, when the app was brought down, the Internet retaliated. The Internet was hungry for more creators, and in came Snapchat and TikTok, which was previously known as Musically. But, Vine would always have a special place in the hearts of content consumers.

Is Byte the next Vine?

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The probable successor of vine is here!

However, recently another application has popped up, which is being referred to as the second version of Vine. Though not a clone, the probable successor of Vine is called Byte. The application deals with short and crisp videos that last for seconds. The content is quick and does not drain out the consumer. The need for such a platform has been felt by the social media audience who are now exposed to applications featuring minute-long videos or clips which vanish into thin air after being seen once. So, can Byte do justice to the hype created by Vine?

Vine’s ever growing popularity

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The features brought by the new platform is worth waiting for.

Other successors to the throne of social media are the platforms like TikTok and SnapChat. But Byte aims at targeting a completely different set of creators. This set of creators is more spontaneous and does not need long videos to prove its point. Weirdly enough, Vine has also been ruling platforms like YouTube, as funny Vine compilations quickly hit a million views.

What does the future hold for Byte?

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How popular the new sensation would be?

Vine became renowned because of its Twitter-like features. Just as the Blue Bird restricts you to 140 characters, Vine restricted its users to a short period, hence forcing them to be creative. This brevity was appreciated by the creator community as well as the audience. Byte has the upper hand over its contemporaries as it can feed off the nostalgia from the Vine users and consumers. The application has already gained ground as ‘Vine 2’ So, where does this lead? We have to wait and watch.

Source: Comicbook, The verge

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