Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has taken a mystic turn from the initial and old school Jurassic Park franchise storyline. This time there is no park. There is no monster-infested horror. This one is gothic. Like really gothic horror bottle movie. The tagline itself says “the park is gone.”

The rebooted park shown in 2015 Jurassic World is now destroyed and is completely out of the picture. This flick revolves around a catastrophe caused in an old money mansion by the dinosaurs who escaped from the park.

It could have been a noble attempt to give a fresh start from a franchise running on for three decades now. However, it fails at it. The idea itself is confusing and is going to put you all in dilemma.
The island the park is based on is about to witness a volcanic eruption at any moment which could cause the dinosaurs to become extinct. Now the questions prevails whether the animals would be saved from being extinct or would the dangerous creatures would be left there to die? I mean both of them could be done.

After nearly half of the movie, the plot comes back to 2015. Someone wants to use the dinosaurs as a weapon of mass destruction, someone wants to use them to carry on experiments and earn a hell lot of money.

The only thing which is good in the movie is a new iteration of the World the “Indominus Rex”, who is weaponized. The lethal traits of the creature include heightened sense of smell, killer instict, tracking and many more.

And from there the movie is again full of nonsense terrors and J.A. Bayona failed attempt at making the movie a horror and thriller one.

At the end of the movie, the audience is left completely unsatisfied. It all comes down to animal rights and stuff. I mean animal rights are a great thing, but you just can’t show it like that. The movie is inconclusive of anything.

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