Comeback Episode Of Rick And Morty Causes A Stir Among Fans

The Rick And Morty Show

Post the premiere of the first five episodes last year, which was a surprise, Rick and Morty have finally been reinstated for the concluding five episodes of Season 4. The considerable comeback initiates with the midseason premiere, “Never Ricking Morty,” and it was much different from what fans are expecting. Taking on the infrequent expectations of its anthology episode, the sixth episode of Season 4 entirely collapsed in on itself.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty's comeback episode really confuses

Nonetheless, to say with such a powerful bucking of the trends for its premiere, Rick and Morty have created quite an agitation with fans. Reactions from fans and viewers ranged from wholesome praise to awe, and the larger section of answers was noting just how baffling everything was. Many fans are also arguing and demanding for an immediate repeat viewing to understand it truly.

Stir and debates

Rick and Morty are going to cause a handful of debate with this one, and some think pieces. But as of now, general confusion lingers in the air. Read on further to see how fans react to Rick and Morty’s huge comeback episode through a various handful of tweets expressing their thoughts and confusion.

Mind Blown.

Anyone Else?

A Rough Start or A confusing start


The show wouldn’t be known as Rick and Morty without each series consisting of one episode of Interdimensional Cable, where the pair watches random and peculiar sketches from parallel universe’s cable TV. This time also the concept is related, except both Rick and Morty rise as parts of these madcap moments. All the while battling the bad guys in outer space. Hence In the first episode itself, fans are divided on social media, as some were in amazement of what they’d experienced, whereas some couldn’t wrap their heads around it.

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